Study Shows That A Majority Of Men Wish They Could Cheat

Apparently men don’t like only sleeping with one woman. What a shock! I used to think men only wanted to sleep with one woman for his entire life until I read this study (that was sarcasm).

Anyway, according to a new survey by Cosmo, 50 percent of engaged men shadily wish they could have sex with a female friend.

As if that wasn’t enough, 32 percent of men admitted that they wish they could have sex with an ex or their girlfriend’s friend (guess that’s why it happens so often). Interestingly enough, however, most of the men surveyed reported having sex with one to three women.

That’s interesting. If the rule that men always add three women to their count is true, then where does that leave them? Hm, seems like they have a lot of sexual frustration to let out, which could explain the results of this survey.

Of the men surveyed, 42 percent of men cheated, which is sadly not surprising. I guess if a guy cheats, now he can just use the excuse “check out the statistics.” Even worse, 82 percent said they felt guilty after, which means that 18 percent of guys didn’t even feel guilty…okay, Shaggy.

Don’t worry, the survey found that a threesome is still a guy's number one fantasy, though. So at least he’ll include you instead of cheating, right?

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr