10 Struggles Commuter Barbie Knows All Too Well About Every Woman's Commute

by Alexa Mellardo

If you've ever spilled coffee all over your brand new white top on your rush to work, and seemed to have forgotten your Tide To Go Pen, Commuter Barbie TOTALLY gets you.

She's the only Barbie who knows the struggle is so damn real for every millennial city chick who's constantly running late, while also trying to crush life in the process.

Claudia Arisso and Carina Hsieh, who are both comedians based in New York, debuted Commuter Barbie to the world with a hilarious parody video that, sadly, defines our commuter woes to a T.

Here are all the morning struggles and subway hurdles city gals endure that only Commuter Barbie can relate to.

1. We're so damn late thanks to the MTA (yet again), and we're just trying to run the freaking world, OK?

'Cause who run the world? GIRLS.

2. That beaten-up Metro card, though… which is super problematic when you're trying to slide it through to make the train rolling up and it JUST. KEEPS. GETTING. DENIED.


3. “Dreams come true as you wait for the train… with a grande macchiato to keep you awake.”

Because, let's be honest, what's life without caffeine to keep us going?

4. OH, and of course the name on her Starbucks cup incorrectly reads, “Babrie."


5. She rocks pink headphones because she's just trying to “tune out the creeps when you're stuck in the middle seat.”


6. That moment when you spill coffee and you think you're prepared with a Tide To Go pen in your bag.

Except, OOPS, you forgot it at home, just like Barbie. F.U.C.K.

7. Barbie's casually rocking a beanie cap (like a boss) and an $800 Canada Goose jacket, because the city's cold AF.

Even if we don't own Canada Goose, we love Commuter Barbs anyway... and a puffer jacket of some sort will definitely suffice during the winter months.

8. Commuter Barbie will “lean in and claim” her space, because she's not about any of that manspreading business.

9. But, sometimes, you have no choice other than to grab onto THAT. VILE. SWEATY. STICKY. SUBWAY. POLE.


10. This girl even has a yoga mat strapped to her back, because she's always on the go, and owning her life in the process.

Commuter Barbie is, pretty much, part of all of us.

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