7 Struggles Every City Girl Who's A Homebody At Heart Can Only Understand

by Alexa Mellardo
Viktor Solomin

When your heart belongs in two places at once, it can be a difficult hurdle to overcome.

Each half is tugging in opposite directions, and you're not entirely sure how to cope.

Many city dwellers manage to embrace the urban life, but their hearts still belong to their hometowns.

They left pieces of it behind… and wouldn't have it any other way.

If you fear losing that part of your hometown you love so dearly as you begin a new and exciting chapter in your life, you're certainly not alone.

Here are the seven struggles every city gal who's a homebody at heart can understand.

1. If your home is near the shore, you long for your beach days during the summer.

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Although you may prefer the city scene in the winter, you grew up a beach baby in the sand, and that's where your heart lies throughout the warmer months.

2. You miss chilling with your home crew.

You absolutely love your friends in the city, but you also miss your home squad and all their inside jokes. If they live far away, you try to invite them to stay with you as often as possible.

3. You pretty much always have a suitcase in tow.


If the town you grew up in is relatively close, your calendar is jam-packed with plans both in the city, and at home. You're a traveling gal, with a suitcase never far behind.

You'll live in the city one week, and go home the following Friday for a long weekend of barbecues and birthday celebrations.

4. There's nothing quite like your bed at home.

You may even have a similar mattress in the city, but your home bed just feels so damn right.

5. You feel like you're cheating on your home pets if your roomie has a pet in the city.

You also expect your siblings and parents to text you pictures of your fur-baby on a weekly basis.

6. You found several go-to restaurants in the city that remind you of home.

Jill Chen

But, let's be honest... nothing will ever beat mom's home cooking.

7. Your apartment in the city is decorated similarly to your room at home.

And it's complete with pictures of your family chilling on the wall.

No matter how much you embrace this next stage of adulthood, one thing will never change: Your hometown will always be an incredible chapter of your book.

Just remember to never let the fear of losing something you love so much hold you back from living in the present.