Why You Need To Stop Making Decisions When You're Pissed Off

Gen-Y women are impulsive. Because our society is so “free-spirited,” we make decisions on a whim solely based on our moods. The effects of this can be good or bad. It’s what makes us spontaneous and independent. But ladies, there are some decisions we just should not make when we’re pissed off. The problem is that, while a decision can take a second to make, it can take much longer to undo the consequences. This leaves us with regret, or worse: looking like Amanda Bynes.

Here are some decisions Elite women should avoid making when pissed off:

Dying/cutting hair:

This is so typical. We’ve all done it. We get a dramatic haircut or dye it some obscure color because we need “change.” Then, about three and a half days later, you realize that you just look f*cking weird and that was not the kind of change you needed in your life.

Quitting your job:

This is a major DON’T. It always makes perfect sense in the moment. You’re having a sh*tty day at work and you think to yourself “I’ve never liked this job,” or better yet, “I’m destined for something more.” Then you jump up from your seat and yell “I quit!!!!” (or you quit in a less dramatic way).

Either way, while you may very well be destined for something greater than your current job, you’ll soon realize that you have made an irrational decision and are now unemployed. If you want to improve your work life, it’s better to do it with some time and a strategy.

Breaking up:

Classic move. Your boyfriend does one little thing to piss you off and in the heat of the moment you’re like, “I’M DONE.” Bad idea. Why? Because we say things we don’t mean all the time. While you’re probably trying to tell him that you want him to make it up to you, guys don’t speak our language. They take “I’m done” as “I’m done.” Don’t get yourself into this trap if you aren’t sure that you want out. Besides, if you just chill and wait half an hour, there’s a 95% chance that your mind will change.

Get Ben & Jerry’s:

Sure when you’re upset, you can eat your feelings…if you want to feel fat. We women have way too many mood swings to eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s every time we’re upset (same goes for froyo.) It may make you feel better in the moment, but you will immediately regret it when you’re full and still have the same issue you had five minutes before. While at the time it may seem like the light at the end of the tunnel…it may ultimately be what gets you stuck in that tunnel (literally.)

Talking sh*t:

The first thing that we lose when we’re pissed off is our filter. This can get us in trouble that we don’t need on top of everything else. If you have 99 problems, don’t be a bitch and make another one. I remember one time I was really pissed off about something stupid that had nothing to do with my friend, but in the moment I thought it was a good idea to tell her that she needed to shower more.

Now every time she says she’s going to shower, it’s awkward. It doesn’t have to be that way. When you’re pissed off, take a second to collect your thoughts before you speak. As girls, we’re all too sensitive to take an insult from each other, even if it’s just in the heat of the moment.

Photo credit: WENN