If You Can Boil An Egg, You Can Make These 3 Simple Recipes

by Niki McGloster

After college ends, relying on Cup Noodles or Kraft Easy Mac to nourish your hungry soul is unacceptable.

Cooking food without the help of a microwave is a critical part of adulting.

Even if you can't whip up wonderfully scrumptious meals like Chrissy Teigen can, stack your chef résumé with a few dishes that will wow your family and friends.

However, it's not just boiled water that'll get you on the right track. You'll need to be able to boil an egg as well.

For those of us still eating animals (sorry vegans), a hard-boiled egg in its most basic form is more than just a post-gym delight or a side dish to bacon and avocado toast.

Essentially, it's the main ingredient to many delicious eats that can fix growling-stomach struggles.

If you can boil an egg, you can make deviled eggs.

That food-less stretch between lunch and dinner can be way too long.

When you're running on low energy and slowly becoming hangry, it's best to gobble up a snack of substance.

Say hello to deviled eggs.

The bite-sized appetizers aren't just for summertime cookouts. They can double as a simple snack whenever your stomach's growling and a handful of almonds will piss you off more than curb your appetite.

No need to boil 16 eggs, unless you're planning a dinner party. Two to four bite-sized halves should hold you over until your evening entree.

If you can boil an egg, you can make potato salad.

You can't eat just anyone's potato salad, so make your own.

Come on, how many times have you attended a feast only to skip over a mayo-heavy pile of potatoes?

This simple dish has high potential to taste bland without a few tasty enhancers.

If you want any chance at making your mom proud, it's best you throw some eggs in your potato-centric dish.

After your family tastes a scoop of this egg-accented recipe, prepare to become the designated maker of this side dish at every family function.

If you can boil an egg, you can make barbecue cobb salad.

Thanks to your New Year's resolutions, you're probably eating healthier. For at least the next few weeks, right?

However, it's extremely easy to run out of new, tasty options to cook yourself.

Use a few hard-boiled eggs to help bring a grilled chicken cobb salad to life.

And for you true-blue beginners in the kitchen, the chicken is optional.

Not only will you be able to feast your way to your fitness goals, but you can also chow down without your coworkers' silent judgement of a smelly, midday meal.

If you make a big enough portion the night before, you might even have some leftovers for dinner.