10 Signs He's Going To Be A Great Father, Not Just A Great Boyfriend

by Elite Daily Staff

Don’t try to pretend like you’re not one of those girls who envisions what her boyfriend will be like as a father after a month of dating. We all do it, even if our thoughts wander there on accident.

It’s how we allow ourselves to open up and form that deeper connection with our partners. If you can picture your happy life together, then you can trust that he is the one and not be afraid to take it to the next level.

You don’t need to be ready for kids yet to know he’ll be a great dad. Here are all the ways you can tell he will make a wonderful father in addition to a wonderful boyfriend.

1. He pays attention to the little things

The fact that he remembers your sister’s birthday or appreciates when you make coffee in the morning means he won’t trivialize the small, but important moments in your baby’s life.

When your child is begging for Dad to see his unimpressive snail collection, your hubby won’t brush it off as unimportant. To him, it’s those seemingly irrelevant, everyday acts of love that make his life so much better.

2. He’s playful

He already loves making silly "Dad jokes," so he’s well-prepared to entertain your daughter’s carpool. A fun, lighthearted boyfriend won’t be too cool to play tea party or too serious to kiss goodnight Mrs. Sparkles the Ballerina Bear.

Those sweet times when he pins you down and relentlessly tickles you until you are both winded are the times when you can imagine him doing the same with your kids.

3. He’ll see the movie YOU want

If he’s willing to see “The Other Woman” then he won’t mind taking your baby to “Frozen 15: Just Let It Go Already.” He is able to make time for your world and support your interests. He won’t miss out on school performances or Friday night dinners for a work meeting.

Poker game night with the bros will become boardgame night with the family. The fact that he goes out of his way to be present in your life signifies that he’ll make those sacrifices for his family.

4. He’s nursed your brutal hangovers back to health

He’s not just your tough, macho protector. He also possesses a very nurturing and warm side. He’ll be a great dad because he wants to take care of the people he loves and will patiently listen to you complaining of a monster headache.

He can even stomach watching you drunkenly puke at 4 am. This guy is a keeper.

5. He’s really good at putting things together

IKEA has got nothing on your boyfriend. He can build furniture, fix the dishwasher and complete all the household handy work on his own.

These are all indicators that he’ll be the amazing type of dad who leads by example, teaches his children how to thoughtfully approach a problem and encourages them to figure things out on their own. Because he’s so hands-on, you know that you can rely on your husband to pitch in.

6. He doesn't need big balls to impress you

We’re not entirely joking here. A recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that the smaller the 'nads, the better the dad.

Pay attention to your lover’s forbidden fruit -- the smaller the berry, the sweeter the love juice.

7. He doesn’t lose his cool under pressure

No matter how angelic your babies are when they’re first born, they will have their moments of monstrosity that will make you want to lose it. (Sorry, Mom!) It’s important that he can handle those hair-pulling situations in a mature, sound manner.

Even when your boyfriend is heated, remaining in-control and thinking clearly will make him an effective parent.

8. He can totally manage breakfast for dinner

The best dads are the ones who bend the rules for their children. He doesn’t have to cook by the books, but at least he can whip up his secret egg recipe that your kids will think is special because daddy made it.

He’ll let them stay up past bedtime on New Year’s and wear tutus to school and watch age-inappropriate cartoons because he knows that that’s what dads are for!

9. He isn’t afraid to hug it out

Your boyfriend will make a loving father because he’s comfortable with showing affection and compassion.

Just as he showers you with kisses and tenderness, he’ll be warm and devoted to his kids. He might have a hard exterior, but inside, he’s soft for his family.

10. He’s good at giving tough love

While his gentleness is definitely an attractive quality, you equally love that he can tell it like it is for everyone’s benefit. It’s his tough love that makes you a better person.

When you need honest advice about your career, your relationships, anything, he’s your go-to guy. And it’s comforting to know that he can be that respected, sage man in your children’s lives.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It