Smaller Balls Make A Better Father: New Study Shows Raisins Are Best For Raisin' Kids

by Elite Daily Staff

So, you're feeling down about your man's pequeño pecker? Worry no más! A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found that testicle size is a factor in determining if a guy is an involved father -- and the research shows that less is more. That's right: the smaller the 'nads, the better the dad.

Similar research has already suggested that men with higher testosterone levels are less involved parents, but this study is the first to discover an independent correlation between testicle volume and raising children. Testicle size dictates how much juice is ejaculated; therefore, the bigger the balls, the greater the semen output and the smaller the parenting input. Maybe it's time to start giving more attention to those two pals hanging around for the ride.

To testie their hypothesis, researchers used 70 biological fathers willing to have their brains - and their bunches - measured. The dads’ brains were scanned, while they looked at photographs of their children. The MRIs revealed that the region of the brain most associated with caring and nurturing lit up more robustly in men with tinier nuts.

In addition, the guys' spouses had to fill out questionnaires about how committed their men were in childcare activities, such as taking their kids to school. Fathers who were more involved were also more compact. We used to think it was all about the twig, but in reality, it's all about the berries. And the smaller the berry, the sweeter the love juice.

It's unlikely that we'll start choosing mates based on a cup and cough, but this definitely gives a whole new meaning to being ballsy.

Source: Time, Photo via Entourage