I Am Single-Handedly Bringing The Side Pony Back

YOU GUYS. I've got big news. I don't know if you've noticed, but as of late, I've been quite the fashionista. Part of the responsibility that comes with being a fashionista is having a hairstyle that's on point. Basically, there's a lot of pressure.

But a couple of days ago, something magical happened. I was at work just doin' my thang -- staring intently at my computer screen with my hair in a high bun, because I can't have hair in my face when I'm doing something important AF -- when the high bun collapsed into a ponytail.

Now, don't get me wrong. That wasn't the first time a bun of mine has ever turned into a ponytail. But it was the first time a bun turned into a SIDE ponytail.

The thing is that I didn't realize that the pony strategically placed itself on the right side of my head, so I just went on about my business. But then a co-worker walked over.

"Sheena, I love your hair! You look adorable."

"Thanks?" I said. I guess I was having a good hair day.

A few minutes later, my boss walked by and took my headphones out of my ears .

"You are bringing the side pony back, and I'm absolutely loving it."

OK, now I was just puzzled. I went to the ladies' room and saw that THIS is what I looked like:

I looked BOMB. I felt 18 again. I felt funky AF. I felt '80s (even though I'm a '90s girl through and through). I felt like Paula Abdul and Cyndi Lauper at the same time. This side pony was a complete game-changer, and you know what? I think that out of all the hairstyles, it reflects my quirky personality the most.

Methinks it's best to rock the side pony with super ~chill~ wear, like this $6 Forever 21 sweatshirt that says "KEEP IT REAL." The key is to make it look like you didn't try at all, even if you did throw in a smidge of effort.

The side pony-wearer is sending a message. She's all, like, "Yeah, I could do a regular ponytail, but I'm more fun than that." And while you're at it, you should just go ahead and throw on a stylish backpack (like this one) and slip-on sneakers. That's what I do, anyway, because I want to feel like I'm at a retro all-girls sleepover even though I'm at work.

Ladies, the side ponytail has officially made a comeback, because I said so. I'm beginning to realize that the best things in life -- whether it's hairstyles, or meeting a really great guy -- happen completely accidentally.