Rihanna And Selena Gomez Prove Tiny Blue Shades Are The Trend Of The Future

by Emily Arata

Raise your hand if you dimly remember the year 2000, before the Backstreet Boys posed on a futuristic white background for their Millennium album cover, and we all thought the world might possibly end.

Back then, 2016 seemed like the year we'd be traveling in rocket ships and warping through time.

As you've most likely noticed, we are not doing any of the above, really fun, Jetsons-style stuff right now.

Instead, the majority of society spends its hours staring into the vast abyss of Instagram and liking photos specifically staged to look better than they actually are, posted by people who are also staring at Instagram.

Ah, the future.

There is one trend that's come out of this whole space-age year, however: the teeniest, bluest of sunglasses. Wire frames have been in style for months, beating out their chunky plastic predecessors, but it's only recently celebrities seem to really be embracing the style.

R&B star Rihanna, taking a vacation from hunky boyfriend Drake, found time to launch a “Star Trek”-themed collaboration with Dior. The resulting tiny spectacles are futuristically mirrored, making them flattering to exactly one human whose name rhymes with Shmihanna.

And just as I thought this was Rihanna being her eccentric, fashionista self, Selena Gomez wore a pair of her own diminutive frames. One is a style statement, but two is a trend.

Wearing the future on your face doesn't come cheap, either. Selena's Vintage Frames Company shades ring up at just under $300, while RiRi's start at $840.

How did the Jetsons afford it?

You may not have a space-age robot, but there are plenty of budget sunglass available at a normal-person price point. Warby Parker offers the blue-lensed Percey frame for $95, while Eye Buy Direct's kooky Enzo shades come in at just $49.

Warby Parker/Eye Buy Direct/Shutterstock

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