YouTube Beauty Vloggers Are Obsessed With This $2 Rainbow Hair Color Hack

Although there may be an answer to all your beauty inquiries, it's not always clear whether the life hack is actually worth the extra work.

Are you tired of wearing the same thing every day? Well, the internet loves to solve problems, so check out one of the millions of fashion blogs. Do you hate buying expensive mouthwash? Read up on oil pulling techniques.

But before you do all of these things, ask yourself, "Is this actually worth my time and energy, or this just another beauty bust I shouldn't waste half an hour reading about?"

Case in point: Tissue paper rainbow hair dye, a trend that's sweeping YouTube.

Instead of shelling out hundreds for rainbow-hued ombre locks, amateur beauty gurus have found a way to transfer the pre-existing dye in colored paper.

RealAsianBeauty on YouTube

First, YouTubers add strips of dyed paper to a bowl filled with warm water and a sprinkle of salt. After allowing the dye to leach from the paper, they dunk sections of hair into the bowl for 15 to 30 minutes per section. Then rinse in cold water. The color transfers onto the hair (it's most visible on blondes), and reportedly lasts for up to a week.

Alternatively, wrapping the wet paper around sections of hair and fastening them with hairbands is also an option, albeit one that's absolutely going to stain your carpet. Though, judging by the age of many YouTubers, they're definitely staining mom's carpet.

It's an easy trick to use, particularly if you're in high school and that minimum-wage job just won't pay for a seat at a luxury salon.

MsLaviniaful on YouTube

All this brings me back to the time I asked a friend to bleach my hair ombre in the privacy of my parents' bathroom. The unfortunate incident led to brunette hair turned so brassy it was practically orange, and fried ends that took a solid year to grow out. Every time I thought I'd finally snipped the last blonde off, there was more. It was a weird time in my life.

The moral of the story is just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Beauty professionals exist for this very reason.

Then again, why not try this trick out the next time you accidentally consume three glasses of rosé on a Sunday and wonder what to do with the rest of your afternoon? A little pastel could be good for you.

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