The Hair Care Step You've Been Skipping That Totally Stops Summer Frizz

My blow-dryer and I are taking some time to reconsider our relationship. The problem is that it's controlling and it's ruining my life.

Before you peg this as a beauty editor breakdown, hear me out. I have about 500 pounds of wavy, thick Italian hair that reacts to any kind of moisture the way a puffer fish does to unwanted aggression -- it expands.

The only way to get my not-quite-mermaid lengths to chill is by blasting them with heat from my BlowPro. Unfortunately, as a New York City-dwelling human, I do not have air conditioning. Have you ever tried to blow-dry your hair with a fresh tan on a 90-degree day? It's torturous.

So, instead, I've been trying a new step between rinsing my conditioner and applying styling product to help with air drying. Ladies, allow me to introduce you to my new side piece, hair oil.

I know, oil for your face, body and hair seems like overkill. But this particular category of product aims to seal your split ends and add extra moisture, stopping strands from becoming a small but mighty cumulus cloud of puffiness.

Right when you turn off your shower head, stop yourself from reaching for a towel and grab your oil in its place. I store mine next to the shampoo, for convenience.

Depending upon your hair length, two to three pumps spread evenly through the mid-shaft and ends of your sopping locks should be plenty of product (wet hair absorbs the oil better). Then, twist extra moisture out of the hair over your drain, so you don't accidentally murder the next person to take a shower.

Now, pat dry with a towel as usual. You could blow-dry here, but I like to skip it in favor of a wave or styling cream. Frizzy hair no more. If you do experience a few stubborn flyaways, just a touch of oil to them will lay them down flat.

When it comes to choosing your own oil, consider your hair's texture and thickness. If you, like me, have the hair that is roughly the texture of a wolf pelt, I can't recommend Ouai Hair Oil enough. It's a silky mixture of baobab seed, borage and ama oils to smooth and protect. As an added bonus, it smells like expensive, rich perfume.

If, however, you're working with fine baby hair, Living Proof's No Frizz Nourishing Oil is the way to go. Although designed specifically for coarse hair, it absorbs immediately and doesn't leave your hair any weightier the next day, which is something fine-haired women need. If you're anxious, just take a look at the rave customer reviews of the product.

For an oil that's in the drugstore beauty price range, turn to the single-serving vials of Hask's Keratin Smoothing Shine Oil. For the price of a pack of gum, you can be frizz-free all day.

Never mind, actually. This isn't a temporary split for my blow-dryer and me. We're breaking up.