This New JC Penney Ad Is Celebrating Plus-Size Women In The Best Way

#HereIAm: JCPenney

We love seeing all the different ways body positive messages are popping up everywhere these days. JC Penney just came out with this awesome ad featuring plus-size women from all different walks of life.

In the ad, singer Mary Lambert, style blogger Gabi Fresh, yogi Valerie Sagun, best-selling author Jes Baker and designer Ashely Nell Tipton talk about how they have learned to love themselves and their bodies.

One of my favorite quotes from the ad is:

The bodies don't need to change. The attitude does.

These amazing women show us that no matter what your size is, you can do whatever the hell you want. Their positive and inspiring messages aim to change the narrative and get people to stop stereotyping plus-size women.

It's easy to see from watching this video that body size doesn't equate to happiness. These ladies kick ass. They're telling the world that your looks don't dictate anything about who you are and what you can be.

Obviously, like most major shifts in attitude and self-image, it wasn't easy for these women to get to the point of truly and deeply loving themselves to live the lives they wanted and deserved.

Valerie speaks the truth when she says,

You can't love your body for what you're hoping it will turn into without actively loving it for what it is today.

Jes also tells it like it is explaining,

There's no ignoring [my body] when it walks in the door. That's a pretty powerful thing for me. Especially when you've been taught your entire life that you need to hide, or shrink, or disappear.

We can only hope that ads like this one, as well as other positive body image messages, are here to stay. People struggling with image need to hear this. Really anyone, no matter what you look like, needs inspiration like this.

You can check out the full JC Penney ad up top.