This Plus-Size Male Model Proves Haters Wrong With Incredible Dance Moves

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Some people are so talented that success is completely unavoidable. Dexter Mayfield is one of these people.

This Los Angeles-based plus-size male model and professional dancer loves shocking people with his incredible dance moves.

In the video, he says people don't normally expect someone of his size to be able to do certain physical things. He proves those naysayers totally wrong.

Mayfield was never trained professionally as a dancer and explains,

I never expected to become a professional dancer given my body type. Being a gay black man in America is not easy, especially being a big gay black man. And it took me a while to really find that love for myself. Whenever we think of bigger men, we view them as something to laugh at. And we're not that. We love our bodies as well. And we are sexy too. I can't say that enough.

This guy can move.

He knows that a model of his size has some restrictions and limits in terms of work, but that doesn't stop him from seizing all the opportunities out there.

Here he is in music videos for J.Lo and Sara Bareilles!

 His confidence speaks volumes.

Check him out walking the runway for a Marco Marco show during LA Fashion Week. All Mayfield wants is for his talent to shine through the stereotypes that come to mind when people make a snap impression of him.


Daaaamn Dexter.

"At the end of the day, I just want to be seen as someone who deserves this."

Dexter, we hope you keep doing you because it's obviously working.

This amazing dancer proves to us that something as trivial as size shouldn't stop you from chasing what you want.

Mayfield might be up against so many challenges in his industry, but despite labels like "plus-size" and whatever other categories people put him into, he's focused on making his talent and confidence shine more than anything else.

Watch his story below:

Great Big Story on YouTube