This Super Hot Plus-Size Male Model Just Landed A Major Modeling Contract

Over the past year, we've seen a lot of plus-size models rightfully in the spotlight as the body positive movement continues to gain momentum.

From Ashley Graham's appearance in Sports Illustrated to Erica Schenk on the cover of Women's Running magazine, it's not hard to see plus-size ladies are slaying the modeling game.

Now, it seems men are also joining the push to promote body positivity.

Meet Zach Miko.

Miko is 6'6” and has a 40-inch waist, so he's considered plus-size by industry standards.

However, that didn't stop this guy from getting signed by IMG Models, and now, he's the first man to model for the agency's new plus-size male division called Brawn.

According to the agency's president, Ivan Bart, the mission behind the new Brawn division is to promote body positivity, strength and diversity.

In a recent interview with BuzzFeed, Miko revealed,

Being a man of size, I never imagined for a minute that this would be a possible career. Then, Ivan told me about his dreams for the fashion industry: diversity, inclusion, evolution. I knew then I hadn't just found an agency, I had found a home.

Take a look at the pictures below to see this inspiring male model.

Say "hello" to Zach Miko.

This handsome devil isn't your typical male model.

By the fashion industry's standards, Miko is considered plus-size.

In fact, you may recognize Miko as the only plus-size man to model for Target.

Now, Miko is working to challenge the standards of beauty once again... the first plus-size model to sign with Brawn, IMG Models' new division focusing on body positivity and male strength.

IMG Models' president, Ivan Bart, said, “Brawn has a body positive message. Brawn is physical strength.”

It's definitely not hard to see why Miko was the choice for the agency.

Miko told BuzzFeed, "The Brawn division is going to open up the fashion world to the everyman. Fashion is ever-changing, but more importantly it is ever-evolving."

When Miko isn't working to promote diversity in the fashion industry and empower other male models, he's just like the rest of us and loves hanging out with his dog...

...or making everyone laugh with his hilarious Instagram posts.

At the end of the day, Miko has an important message for everyone.

Miko said, “You are beautiful the way you are right now. Who you are — no matter what shape or size or age or what have you — is attractive, desirable and valid.”

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