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Plus-Size Model Completely Slays On The Cover Of A Running Magazine

Women's Running magazine has been absolutely crushing it with its body positivity recently.

Last summer, the magazine featured plus-size model Erica Schenk on the front cover, and she slayed. Now, for the April 2016 cover, Nadia Aboulhosn takes the spotlight, encouraging self-love for women of all body types.

Yesssss, get it girl! You look amazing!

Nadia is a Lebanese-American model and fashion designer, and in an Instagram post, she wrote this is her first ever cover feature, even though she's been working for five years.

She wrote,

I was in the airport last night flying from Florida back to LA and went in the store, saw it, and started crying. This elderly couple next to me was like... whats wrong?

Obviously, this cover is an important step in shifting people's perceptions of healthy and beautiful bodies beyond just small and skinny.

Erica Schenk also shared Nadia's cover on her own Instagram, congratulating Women's Running for again supporting and celebrating plus-size models.

Schenk wrote,

Once again @womensrunningmagazine shows us that plus size women [are] beautiful and run!!!... Don't forget y'all are beautiful!!

Nadia told SELF she is between a size 10 and 12, technically making her not a plus-size, which she said is usually size 14 and up. But, she went on to say she hopes soon there will be no need for these categories, and media and designers will celebrate women of all body types.

Work it, Nadia. You look fabulous.

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