36 Times You And Your BFF Have Everyone Questioning Your Sexuality

by Ashley Fern

Your best friend is your better half, a person who sticks with you through thick, thin -- and everything in between.

She is the person you can spend an entire 24 hours with and never get sick of once; she's the person you reach out to whenever you receive great or devastating news; she's the person you can call at 3 am to bail you out of jail (if she isn't in there with you).

Where would you be in life without your best friend? Loney as f*ck, that's where. The bond between you and your best friend is so evident in everything you do that people tend to think it may be more than friendship.

Oh silly people, don't you know what it's like to have a friend that close? Apparently not...

These are the signs that people question your sexuality when it comes to your best friend:

1. You bring each other home for holidays and birthdays

If one of your families lives far away and traveling home isn't an option, you never have to worry because that's what you have your best friend's family for.

2. You FaceTime each other regularly

Talking on the phone or texting isn't always enough — sometimes you just need to see her face. This especially comes in handy when you try to watch your shows together from two different locations.

3. You are in constant communication with her

Whether it's FaceTiming, texting, Snapchat or Gchat — the two of you are always talking in one way or another. How else are you supposed to keep up with every single thing that happens throughout your days?

4. You have a weekly "date night"

The day may vary, but you have at least one night during the weekend that is dedicated to the two of you. Whether it's going out or staying in — it doesn't really matter as long as you two are together.

5. Certain television shows are just better because you are watching it with her

Watching "Law And Order: SVU" by yourself is not nearly half as fun as watching it with your best friend.

6. You get offended if she goes to "your place" with someone else and vice versa

That is sacred ground!

7. Your boyfriend has asked you on numerous occasions if you've ever actually hooked up

And he still doesn't believe either of you when you tell him, "No."

8. You get jealous when she brings up a girl's name you don't know

"Umm, excuse me? I thought we both agreed we'd have all of the same friends..."

9. You can order each other food without asking what the other wants

It's like you have ESP of the soul... or you just know your BFF that well.

10. You spend Sundays lying in bed with each other

How else are you going to spend your Sunday? Being productive? Yeah... right.

11. People proposition you for threesomes regularly

You don't know if you should be flattered or offended.

12. You talk about what things are going to be like when you're older

...and lying on a beach enjoying your retirement with houses right next door to each other.

13. You overly compliment each other

Of course, compliments also include making fun of each other. But your best friend will always be your biggest supporter and want you to look and feel your best.

14. You send naked Snapchats to each other

...And don't see anything wrong with it.

15. You're content with just bringing each other home at the end of the night

All you need at the end of the night is your bowl, your bestie and absolutely anything and everything you can get your hands on to eat.

16. You can't buy lingerie without getting her opinion first

...Actually, you can't buy anything without her opinion.

17. You bicker like an old married couple

And you always make up in record time since you can't imagine not speaking to each other, well, ever.

18. You walk around each other naked all the time

You are probably more comfortable around her than anyone else in your life. There is no covering up for modesty's sake when it comes to changing around each other.

19. You buy gifts when you see something that reminds you of each other

Spontaneous gifts? Yes, please.

20. You actually refer to each other as girlfriend/boyfriend

Sometimes these roles seem more permanent, but they can often change depending upon what the two of you are doing.

21. You discuss who will be the little and big spoon when you have sleepovers

It's only fair to take turns.

22. You choose her over your actual boyfriend when partner situations come up

Beer pong? Massages? You name it, it's better with her.

23. You discuss the benefits of actually getting married

"You know my company will fly you out to visit me when I travel if we're married, right?"

24. You got anxious when you met her parents for the first time

You don't even know why since you basically have them on speed dial.

25. She supports all of your terrible ideas

...And will share in the misery when they crash and burn.

26. She knows everything about you, and vice versa

She can't ever stop being your best friend, she knows too damn much.

27. You post pictures of things that couples would

Date night, lying in bed and sharing food are just some of your favorite things to do together.

28. You buy each other Valentine's Day gifts

It's just you, her, a box of chocolates and Netflix...

 29. You hate whomever she hates more than she does

That's just the rules of feminism...

30. You actually get offended when she doesn't immediately answer your text

"Who else could she be talking to? OMG I hope she's okay..."

31. She is the only person you will listen to when it comes to advice

You know how sometimes you just ask advice for the sake of asking? Your best friend's advice is the route you will take every single time.

32. People become concerned when you show up places without each other

"Is everything okay? Are you guys in a fight? Is she sick?"

33. You don't give notice when you're coming over, you just show up

Why would you even need to give notice? You already know her exact schedule, so she will definitely be home.

34. ...Because you have a key to each other's apartments

The first thing you did when you moved into your new apartment was get a copy made for your BFF.

35. You are actually honest when it comes to physical appearance

You have no qualms telling each other when you need to lose or gain weight — and no offense is taken when it comes to either of those things.

36. Your favorite pastime is discussing how much better your friendship is than everyone else's

As if anyone could ever compete with the two of you. Good luck...