7 Cool Ways To Wear One Piece Swimsuits Without Looking Like Your Mom

In dated snapshots from family trips to the beach, mom is the real style star. With her 90s Speedo suit and sun visor, she represented the peak of the decade's fashion trends.

Unfortunately for mom, many years have gone by since those turquoise-and-purple ensembles were chic. They've gone by the way of colorful windbreakers, stirrup leggings and oversize denim (well, mostly). So while we can still appreciate the way mom killed the sartorial beach scene, we'd rather not pull inspiration from her.

However, in the summer, when you've been munching on too many summer hamburgers or just trying to switch up your beach style, it's often tempting to try out a one-piece on the beach. Keep a Millennial style guide in mind, and you can avoid reminding your friends of their moms circa 1995.

1. Add straps and laces.

Mom's swimsuit was conservative from bottom to top: thick straps, high neckline and muted colors. Instead of copying her style, look for a suit that's a bit on the riskier side while still adhering to a classic color palette.

Criss-crossed straps, lace-up details and cutouts add a modern twist to the modest swimsuit, making sure no one mistakes you for a nun on the beach.

2. Choose a punchy pattern.

Nothing says youth quite like a bright pattern, and these suits certainly showcase a variety. Whether you choose a digital print or a suit that's photography-based, the neon colors and eye-catching designs will ensure everyone else on the beach takes note of your look.

Mom might not have purchased an outfit that drew all eyes to her, but you're a new generation. If the beach is a place to let your style shine, these suits speak volumes.

3. Make a statement with graphics.

A hungover day in the sand means you'd rather let your suit do the talking, giving you plenty of time to nurse an aching head. On those days, a swimsuit with an attitude of its own is your best ally against a prying friend who wants to know about your latest date.

Opt for a classic slogan or even something a little more Tumblr, but rest assured your suit will be on point and on trend.

4. Pick a retro-inspired suit.

Mom might've fallen victim to the trends of her decade, but you don't have to do the same. Instead of bringing back the 90s, travel a little further back in time. Body-flattering swim trends from the 60s and 70s have made a comeback, meaning everyone has access to nipped waists and drapey, provocative looks.

Pick a decade that suits your body type -- we're partial to the Sophia Loren-style hourglass -- and head out on the hunt. Instead of hitting the latest boutiques for these styles, try poking around your local thrift stores.

5. Stay cool with colorblocked choices.

Clean lines and minimalism are the trademarks of the millennium. Eschew mom's frou-frou sundresses in favor of a one-piece that puts the focus on your body. After all, why attend barre class religiously for months if you can't show off those budding baby abs?

Instead of treating a beach day as the second coming of Coachella, opt for a sleek look. In a sea of ruffles and gravity-defying straps, you'll look like a work of modern art.

6. Stick with an updated botanical print.

Florals have a reputation for appearing fussy, but they don't always deserve it. Botanical prints that use unexpected color palettes or interesting silhouettes are an update on the traditional rose pattern that looks more like your mom's curtains than anything you'd see on the runway.

Be the trendiest flower child at the shore in a suit that's summery, without feeling outdated.

7. When in doubt, make like Sporty Spice.

Alright, we admit it: mom's swimsuits did one thing right. Athleticism never really goes out of style, it only changes shape. If you live for memories of high school swim practice or can't be bothered with a fussy look, stick to a sleek version of the classic athletic suit.

Full coverage and sturdy straps mean you don't have to worry about accidentally flashing anyone during a sand volleyball game, and high-performance fabric will have you ready for any activity. Game on.