7 Pieces Of Fashion Advice From Our Moms That Will Always Be True


We have a lot to thank our moms for.

They're the ones who kept buying us shoes whenever we outgrew them.

They made sure we made it to school -- fed, clean and well rested -- every single day.

They even answered our 1 am phone calls telling them we got in trouble with the college police.

They did all of that -- and they were also some of the first (if not the first) people to dress us. Starting with our very first onesies, our outfit choices have always been influenced by our moms -- whether we realize it or not.

But as we got older and thought we knew better than they did, we might've rebelled against their "fashion" advice.

Sound familiar? Are you cringing because you said those exact words? Yep, we all went through horribly dramatic phases.

Even during the middle schools years, when everything seemed like a do-or-die situation, our moms were there to make sure we didn't go overboard or embarrass ourselves too much.

They were always vocal with their opinions on our clothes because they genuinely cared.

They weren't trying to make our lives living hell; they just always knew better. They learned from their own fashion mistakes and just wanted to pass down their own tried-and-true tips.

Sure, our moms might not be up to date on every seasonal trend or even remotely aware of what's in style these days, but they do know the most important thing: No one ever looks good in a Hollister t-shirt.

Thanks, Mom.

Invest in classic pieces.

Gigi E. shares,

You should always be comfortable.

Corina A. says,

All black is timeless...

Ashley F. reminds us all why Grandma really does know best. She says,

... But you can never go wrong with color.

Laura A. shares,

Save your ratty clothes to wear at home.

Emily A. notes her mom's token advice on her "most-loved" clothes:

Some of the best pieces aren't brand new and insanely expensive.

Celine R. recalls the perks of being patient and finding the right piece. She shares,

Being yourself will never go out of style.

Gillian F. shares her mom's biggest piece of advice: There's nobody who can do you better than you. She remembers,

Don't throw away money on trendy pieces.

When it comes to trends, it's hard to disagree: mom was right. Kylie M. recounts,