North West Tried Out Kylie's Lip Kits Like The…


When it comes to pampering, baby diva North West gets what she wants — even if it's an Evanescence-style black lip.

At the Ferrari-themed party rapper Tyga threw for son King Cairo's fourth birthday, girlfriend Kylie Jenner snuck away with her niece to play 2016's version of Pretty Pretty Princess — complete with ballerina buns and vampy lipstick.

Busting out a few of her trademark Lip Kits, Kylie glammed up North and a friend.

Fans may have their qualms about putting cosmetics on such young girls, but I'm mostly amazed North stood still long enough to let Kylie apply her liquid lipstick in “Dead of Knight."

By the time they're toddlers, kids are basically just the idea of “wiggly” incarnate.

Kylie, of course, documented the whole process on Snapchat while making sure to include shots of her Lip Kit boxes. Never turn down free advertising, especially when it happens to be a child who's already related to you and probably won't sue for child labor as soon as she can form coherent sentences.

North, a well-documented baby fashionista, obviously loved the attention and smacked her inky mouth for the camera. How soon is too soon to learn selfie-taking, Northie?

Once everyone had gotten their chance to try the lipstick, Kylie wrapped up Calabasas Fashion Week coverage with a shot captioned, “What happens at auntie Kylie's stays at auntie Kylie's.”

Granted, this is also the same teenager who wore a white unitard to a toddler's birthday party. If Kim and Kanye are upset, they probably should only blame themselves.

Notably, Kim wasn't photographed at King Cairo's birthday party. The social media mogul has maintained a low profile since being robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

Kris, Kourtney and Kendall showed up to celebrate Rob's almost-stepson, hopping on the backyard Ferris wheel and enjoying the day outside.