Here's Actual Proof North West Influences The Way You Shop For Clothes


June 15 marks the third year of life for North West, the firstborn (and most famous) spawn of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

On this day, let's take a moment to reflect on a toddler who is undoubtedly living her best life. From Balmain to Yeezy, there isn't a designer alive who isn't clawing to dress the celebutot.

Judging by Kim's daily Snapchat stories (don't pretend you don't watch them, it's practically a national pastime), North is endlessly opinionated and sassy. She even occasionally sleeps in princess gowns and tiaras, which I firmly believe is the toddler dream.

It's also true that North is more than just a famous baby. Blue Ivy might be great, but you don't see her out here on at least three kinds of social media. You've certainly never perused style articles breaking down Blue's toddler fashion sense. Quite frankly, nobody cares about her except in the normal aren't-you-cute way.

But, thanks to the West family's endless schemes to take over both social media and the world, we see North with diamond necklaces, fur coats and the most elaborate collection of tiny leather jackets known to man.

The Kardashian-obsessed aren't the only ones following North's style, either. According to the fashion-curation website Polyvore, North's actually been responsible for increased interest in particular trendy items.

In February, paparazzi photographed the little girl wearing red combat boots while in New York for Kanye's Yeezy Season 3 fashion show. The photos reportedly inspired a nearly 20 percent spike in searches for the chunky shoe style.

Other budding trends for which we can thank the little stylista include uniquely cut leather jackets, pastel fur coats and ballerina-inspired style, including tutus and tulle skirts. If it seems insane that grown-ass women are taking style inspiration from a literal toddler, remember that this is the land of freedom. We are free to copy the fashion sense of babies if that's what makes us happy.

Happy birthday, tiny North. Next year, can you please make business-casual sweatpants happen for all of us adults? Thanks in advance.