What Your 2016 New Year’s Resolution Says About Your Personality

Every year, come New Year’s Eve, I make the resolution to actually go to the gym. Not to lose weight or get a “bikini body,” (whatever that means) but to physically haul ass to the gym.

Working out? Well, that requires a whole new resolution and way too much commitment.

My friends are no different. We each resolve to become stronger, smarter and better in the New Year. We promise one another we’ll travel more, allow ourselves to love and smile more.

We tell ourselves this coming year will be our year, and we truly believe that in our hearts.

Well, until February.

What I learned, however, is a New Year’s resolution truly does reflect on both the person you are and on the person you aspire to be in the coming year.

If you resolve to travel more, you get bored easily.

Stability scares the ever-loving crap out of you. You dream of high-tailing out of town, hopping into a plane and figuring out where to go next.

Maybe you reached a dull point in your relationship or your job. Maybe you’re bored. Either way, you’re craving a change of scenery in hopes it will lead you to inspiration.

Hop on the plane, girl. And don’t look back.

If you’re dreaming of hitting the gym more, you’re more about the short term than the long term.

How many times have you resolved to regularly hit up your local Equinox and come February, you totally bailed?

Don’t get me wrong, promising to better yourself and get healthier is totally admirable.

But, realistically, the likelihood of this resolution sticking past a few weeks is unlikely.

Instead of swearing you’ll finally get the body you want, set more attainable goals for yourself.

Promise to tone only one part of your body or to just get in more cardio. The more detailed and localized your resolution is, the more likely you are to achieve it.

If you swear you will finally open yourself up to love this year, you’re introspective.

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I don’t know about you, but I promise myself I’m going to find love every time I swipe right on a hottie on Bumble or before I approach any guy at a bar.

Resolving to allow yourself to feel love, however, shows you know yourself, inside and out.

You know you’re missing something, and that’s keeping you from being happy.

If you’ve been searching for the perfect relationship (or the perfect dick, whatever) use the coming year to figure out if you’re ready for the commitment.

Relationships fail because we leap into them too quickly or because we start them without knowing ourselves first. Don’t let 2016 be that year for you.

If you promise to give up drinking, you’re an optimist.

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Unless there’s a clinical reason for ditching the vodka sodas, you’re probably doing this out of your own free will.

In that, I applaud you. I also think you’re crazy.

How many times have you told yourself, while in a hungover stupor, that last night was the last night?

How many times have you told yourself there’s no way you’re drinking again?

How long have you actually stuck with those resolutions? A week? A month?

If you can do it, more power to you. Let’s get a drink to celebrate.

If you resolve to dress like you give an actual f*ck, you’re detail-oriented.

It’s not that you don’t have a great wardrobe or sense of style. It’s just that come every morning, the last thing you want to do is slap on some lipstick and put on clothes you didn’t sleep in.

You’re observational. You notice the little things because you want to be able to emulate that.

You’ll notice your friend’s winged liner or the gold buttons on her coat even when she doesn’t notice them herself.

Keep reaching for the sartorial stars.