7 Terrible Situations Every Girl Goes Through That Only Her BFF Can Help Justify

The entire purpose of having a best friend is to have someone around who makes you feel better about all of the terrible decisions you make in your life.

Your BFF doesn't judge you, and she definitely won't be telling you what to do — rather, she will ask you what you want out of a given situation and then the two of you will figure out how best to go about it.

No? Just me? No way.

Sure, from the outside, people may question your morals and loyalty, but when it comes down to it, if it's okay by both of your standards, well then you are good to go.

Let's take a look at seven scenarios when your best friend is not only by your side, but encouraging your questionable behavior.

1. Dieting Versus Exercising

No one likes exercising and if anyone tells you otherwise, that person is a f*cking liar. It's so much more enjoyable to sprawl out next to your best friend, watching "Law & Order" marathons while simultaneously stuffing your faces.

The only exercise the two of you are getting that day is when you scroll through the Seamless app on your iPhone. You know there's absolutely no reason to crawl to the refrigerator because neither of you two has gone food shopping since, well, forever.

There is no one who can enable you to skip the gym quite like your best friend. Sure, in the moment it seems great, but come tomorrow's stomach ache and bloat, you will definitely not be feeling that way any longer.

2. Going Out

It's always an adventure when you and your best friend go anywhere together. It doesn't matter if it's the local dive bar, a diner at 3 am or on an actual vacation — the two of you are f*cking sh*t up.

Why did you rip four tequila shots then dance on the bar as if you were a member of Coyote Ugly? Because she said so. And that's all the reason you ever need to ever do anything.

Why did you accept a free drink from a couple of strangers and then run to the closest pizza joint? Because she said she would do it with you, why else?

3. Lying To Others And Yourself

You both vowed this Monday would be THE Monday. You know, the fresh start of a new week— one where you cast your terrible food choices aside and replace them with more health-conscious options.

It's been 24 hours, so where the f*ck are your results? It's okay, just give it another few days your friend tells you, and it will all be worth it — it's not worth it, it never is, it never was. And now you are both back to square one -- horizontal, binge eating and watching television at the same damn time.

4. Juggling Guys

She advises you and encourages you to do whatever and whomever you please without feeling guilty about it.

"If you never have that talk, you can never be doing anything wrong." "A guy would do it, so why wouldn't you?"  "Do it for the story! Do it for the story!"

Well, if you say so...

5. Spending Money You Don't Have On Things You Don't Need

"But do I need it?!" "Do you need it? F that, wanting it is reason enough to buy it."

Instead of helping keep your budget in check, your BFF does the complete and utter opposite. She knows what it is you really, truly want and does the best she can convincing you of such.

You both are well aware that you just need that little, tiny push to get you over the edge, and that is exactly what she is there for.

Don't fret, you can spend the next week complaining about how broke you are. And everyone knows just how much girls love complaining to one another about this topic.

6. Hiding From People

It's 9 pm on a Friday (no, seriously it is, just look above) and you have absolutely no plans to move from your bed... ever.

Sure, to others, this may come off as anti-social and depressing, but to you and your best friend, this is more than acceptable behavior. One of your favorite pastimes is discussing how much you hate everyone and how much you love Netflix.

7. Never Wanting To Get Married Or Have Children

While everyone else in your life thinks you are absolutely insane for never wanting children, you and your best friend think quite the opposite. In fact, you go as far as to discuss your distaste for the youngsters you encounter on a daily basis in a very open manner.

As for marriage? You both are well aware that you are just going to end up marrying each other, so that you can lie together binge eating, watching television and complaining from now until forever.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr