The New Naked Palette Will Make You Forget Kylie Ever Released Eyeshadow

Eyeshadow lovers, prepare your wallets: A new Naked palette is coming.

Inspired by the trends beauty bloggers and influencers like Kylie Jenner adore, the 12-shadow pan will feature new, mostly matte shades (there's one demi-matte, for highlighting). It's called

It's called Naked Ultimate Basics, and you already know you need it. Just wait until you see the shimmery, chic gold case it comes in.

Shutterstock/Urban Decay

Naked Ultimate Basics Palette, $54, Sephora 

Don't know Naked? Then you haven't visited a Sephora store in the last decade. The nude eyeshadow series, first launched by Urban Decay in 2010, showed women neutrals didn't have to be boring. Its matte and shimmer shadows were deeply pigmented and rich, making the original Naked a staple in any beauty girl's cosmetics bag.

In fact, out of all the palettes I own, the OG Naked is still my most frequently used.

In 2011, Urban Decay followed up with a sequel called Naked 2. Then came the rose gold Naked 3, Naked On The Run (a classic), the Basics collections and Naked Smoky.

Incredibly, they're all equally coveted and continue to receive rave reviews. Aside from a cult-favorite product like Diorshow mascara, it's rare for a product to have such longevity in the beauty world.

Admit it: Every roommate you've ever had has owned Naked, sharing it out among broke college friends on a Friday night before hitting the bars. I'm that roommate; I gently stack my Nakeds together like they're made of fragile glass and glittery dreams.

Of course, times have changed since the first Naked palette landed in our greedy, grasping hands. Now, we're in a post-Kylie Jenner world, in which the baby celeb's KyShadow palette set the standard for an all-matte palette. You'll see influences of the same trends here, too, including a burnt-orange shade called Extra Bitter that looks a lot like Kylie's Hematite.

However, unlike KyShadow, Ultimate Basics comes with Urban Decay's double-ended makeup brush, a mirror and a luxe casing. Kylie can't offer you any of that, just a paper box. KyShadow might cost less ($51, with shipping, to Naked's $54), but it also contains fewer shades — not to mention perks.

Come September 18, I'll be first in line for luxe, matte eyes.