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8 Empowering Quotes From Female Celebrities Who've Reshaped Gender Roles

Women in the arts can shatter gender expectations.

By fiercely standing up against societal norms, women like Lucille Ball -- who founded Desilu Productions in 1950 alongside her husband -- were pioneers. They proved women can not only enjoy marriage and motherhood, but also become bosses and start companies.

Since the 1950s, female stars have taken even more initiative. From the 1970s on, media maven and would-be billionaire Oprah has acted as a beacon for women who wanted to focus on work, instead of their personal lives. Oprah, 62, still hasn't gotten married or settled down.

Now, younger women like gender fluid model Ruby Rose and self-proclaimed feminist actress Charlize Theron continue to erase the remnants of archaic views about women.

Movies and public figures show us images of how women should act and speak. When there are popular gender stereotypes, it results in women being overlooked for executive-level positions and, of course, the pay gap.

In honor of International Women's Day, we celebrate the political, cultural and economic achievements actresses have made thus far. From moving monologues to red carpet interviews, these motivational quotes help us fight bias, one conversation at a time.

When someone mistakes your ballsy humor for apathy, think of Lucille Ball.


When you want to wear a suit to your BFF's wedding, get inspiration from Tilda Swinton.

When someone asks you why you're not married, recall Oprah's reasons.

When your work husband asks you what feminism really means, take Charlize Theron's approach.

When someone is overly concerned about what you're wearing, clap back like Cate Blanchett.


When you have to explain that women are magical, be clear like Phylicia Rashad.

Phylicia Rashad

When someone gets personal, remember what Amy Poehler's response.


When you're sick of defining yourself, cling to Ruby Rose's words.

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