This Woman Is Speaking Out Because Social Media Removed Her 'Mombod' Photo


Facebook and Instagram can take down photos, but they can't take down moms like Constance Hall when it comes to body-positive messages.

Hall, an Australian blogger, talks a lot about feeling comfortable in your own skin, no matter shape or size. She embraces and loves her "mombod," or as she calls it "mumbod," and encourages other women to do the same.

If you ask me, that's an incredibly powerful and important message to spread. A lot of body-positive messages focus on younger women, and we see a lot of discussion online about wearing whatever you want regardless of size. However, I feel like there aren't as many resources for moms who struggle with body image after having kids.

Awesome bloggers like Hall help create and cultivate a safe community for them to talk about their bodies and changes they go through after giving birth.

So, what gives, Facebook and Instagram? We know people can report posts, but they don't get taken down immediately.

It sucks that these huge social media platforms that connect thousands of people in important communities can block these types of messages that will eventually help change the stigma around body image. These posts don't adhere to unrealistic beauty standards. Why the hate? Come on, social media. You're better than that.

We don't have access to the photo, but here is what she posted in response. She writes,

Facebook and Insti deleted the photo of my glorious curvaceous comfy body the other night. In an act that can only be described as #mumbod envy. Don't worry admin, one day you will have a comfy #mumbod too.

One thing is clear, Hall won't be stopping her body-positive posts any time soon.

You tell 'em.

"Sexy has endless variations."

Seriously, these posts have the power to change stigmas.