Microsoft's New Ad Targeting Women Is Pretty Sexist (Video)

Microsoft has entirely missed the mark with its latest ad.

The newly-released "Honestly" commercial for its All-in-One tablet focuses on appealing to women by marketing the device as the ultimate wedding-planning tool.

The featured actor in the commercial gushes over how her friends can use the touch screen to easily check Pinterest, and frets over friends not liking their bridesmaids dresses.

The 30-second spot might not seem super offensive on first glance — and some are heralding the female-targeted campaign as a positive move to get more women involved in the underrepresented tech industry — but this is only one installment of a group of ads that portray women as vapid, shallow, and utterly obsessed with stereotypical "girl issues."

Just last month, the computer company released a commercial with a mom who buys her children a laptop simply to keep them from squabbling.

Hey Microsoft, women are more than overwhelmed mothers and anxious brides. Let's maybe feature some of these individuals in your upcoming ads.

via The Salon