You'll Be Shocked To Find Out Not A Single Female Student Took The AP Computer Science Test In Two States

Although the computer science field has expanded in recent years to include a number of exciting opportunities and lucrative jobs, a new analysis of testing data indicates that women are way behind the learning curve.

In the 48 states where AP students sat for the computer science exam, less than 20 percent of those test-takers were girls.

In the entire states of both Mississippi and Montana, no female, African American, or Hispanic students took the exam.

Although high school probably seems like a distant memory for most of us, this breakdown might have scary repercussions for women's future success in the science, technology, engineering and math fields.

According to ThinkProgress, women are still underrepresented in these STEM careers, accounting for 25 percent of the workforce in 2011.

And when women do manage to score a job in the STEM sector, they're still making less than men — an average $75,100 to their male counterpart's $91,000 a year.

Via: ThinkProgress, Top Photo Credit: Shutterstock