10 Types Of Men You’ve Most Definitely Ghosted In Your Dating Life

by Niki McGloster

Ghosting is horrible, but silence is golden for a f*cking reason.

For those of you unfamiliar with the dating trend, "ghosting" is when two people engage in a semi-romantic or otherwise undefined relationship. Suddenly, one person disappears without explanation.

Though it's devastating for the ghostee (we're coining that word), we've all pulled a Casper on someone we just weren't that into.

Leaving a guy with little more than a trace of your signature scent isn't necessarily an act of emotional terrorism. In fact, ghosting someone can be considered self-preservation.

Sure, ex-boyfriends deserve a proper send-off. But, when it comes to the guy with the tiny d*ck we saw for one month, some things are better left unsaid.

In fact, we can think of quite a few men who deserve it.

1. The guy who made you go Dutch on the first date.

Reaching for your wallet on the first date is only a courtesy, because no woman really wants to foot the bill.

If he can't pay for your salmon and rice, he can't afford your presence.

2. The friend zoned guy who can't understand why you don't like him.

The friend zoned guy is relentless, no matter the countless times you ask him to leave.

Your only option is to leave him stewing in his own hopeless emotions.

3. The f*ckboy who would have hurt you.

You would have needed more than a getaway car to avoid the heartache he would have caused.

Not every exit deserves a dramatic discussion about his cheating ways or lazy friends. Your best bet was to ghost him before he ghosted you.

4. That guy with the small d*ck and dirty apartment.

There was no future, anyway.

5. The guy who would have made a great gay BFF.

Sexuality isn't absolute. But, when your gaydar is ringing louder than Beyoncé's alarm, you must listen.

He may still be your gay bestie one day. He just doesn't know he's gay yet.

6. The guy who smoked too much weed.

It's perfectly okay to toke every now and then.

But, spending more time smoking than at work is a problem no woman should ignore. Seriously, he needed rehab more than he needed your quality time.

7. The guy who looked cuter when you were tipsy.

Sobriety puts a lot of things into perspective. You went to sleep with Michael B. Jordan and woke up with Flavor Flav.

There's only one thing left to do: run.

8. The guy who forgot to make you feel special on your birthday.

Your birthday is practically a national holiday.

If he couldn't remember such an important date, why should you remember to call him back?

9. The guy who had too many typos in his text messages.

Look, nobody's perfect, but not understanding the difference between "you're" and "your" is a deal breaker.

He regularly sent you text messages you needed to decode with your BFF, so it was time to leave him staring at your read receipts.

10. The guy who hated your friends.

Hoes over bros, forever.