How To Master The Perfect At-Home Blowout In Just 3 Easy Steps

by Brit + Co

With blow dry bars sprouting up on virtually every street corner, it's hard not to pop in and have a pro give you the best blowout you've ever had.

The thing is, it's just not feasible to book a professional blowout every week. After all, you have major holiday shopping to do.

So, why not give the DIY approach a try?

Like all of you, we love the results of a solid blowout. On our road to discovering how to hack it, we found a completely fool-proof blowout method.

Introducing the "smoothout," a totally doable blowout that gives you covetable volume and a smooth finish in half the time you'd spend in the salon.

Here's how to do this easy 20-minute style. It should last for up to three whole days.

1. Shampoo your roots like there's no tomorrow.

In the Shower: A good blowout starts in the shower.

Prep your hair by using the proper shampoo and conditioner. If you have thicker strands, use a heavier conditioner that will help tame any frizz.

If your hair is fine and thin, apply conditioner to the ends of your hair only, avoiding your roots to help keep the texture.

Styling Products: It's seriously important to use a heat protector prior to blow drying your locks.

We used Evolvh Smart Volume Volumizing Leave-in Conditioner to hydrate the hair and give it some protection and volume.

2. Get bodacious about it.

Step 1: Start by using your blow dryer's flat tip attachment, which will give you more control. Lift your strands straight up and power-dry at the roots to build up the volume.

Step 2: Use a round brush to lift up thin sections of hair, working your way from the bottom layer to the top. The idea here is to lift hair up and away from the direction it naturally falls. This will give it the volume you crave.

Step 3: Once you get the root and mid-shaft of your hair dry, flip the same section in the opposite direction and blow dry from the mid-shaft to the ends.

This will smooth out the ends, giving them a little shape and movement. If you want your hair to flip out, then round up with your brush. If you want your hair to flip under, round down with your brush.

Step 4: Continue this process on the back lower sections of your hair.

3. Shape it like a Polaroid picture.

Here, we're basically reinforcing what we did in the previous steps.

Finish off by using your round brush and the tip of your dryer on the hair to shape out the ends.

You can use a beach spray on your locks to get a more playful, messy look or you can add a little serum to the ends of your hair to keep the look smooth and chic.

Maybe she's born with it, but maybe it's a home blowout.