The Perfect Holiday Gift For Every Girl In Your Squad

by Emily Arata

Finding holiday presents for every woman in your life is a nearly impossible task.

Gathering a group of girlfriends together is all about appreciating their individuality. Every squad has a sweet Taylor Swift, a badass Karlie Kloss and a sexy Gigi Hadid.

If you mix up their personalities and their presents, you've committed the deadliest sin of womankind.

Celine Rahman

Girls don't just want gifts. They want trinkets that express the entire emotional trajectory of your friendship, encapsulated in a gold-painted lipstick tube and tied with a bow.

This holiday season, make like Blair Waldorf and pick that one perfect gift for the Serena in your life. Headbands with bows, optional.

The wannabe Martha Stewart.

Celine Rahman

When it comes to baking chocolate chip cookies and making sure all her drunken friends get home safely, this friend is an expert.

In her off hours, she's watching HGTV and reading lifestyle blogs. You've even known her to host a dinner party or two -- on matching plates, no less.

Give her an adorably packaged face mask set, perfect for dividing up among friends at a grown-up slumber party. Themed, of course.

Put a bow on: Mask Duo Set, Glossier, $38

The girl who regularly learns contouring techniques from YouTube tutorials.

Celine Rahman

Every friend group has a resident Michelle Phan, and this girl is yours.

When she's not reading MakeupAlley or explaining what the f*ck a cut crease even is, she's stashing away cult beauty products in Gollum-like fashion.

She's already worn out her first Shu Uemura eyelash curler, so get her this 24K update on a classic.

Put a bow on: Gold Eyelash Curler, Maison Kitsuné for Shu Uemura, $24

The one who's so busy working out, she barely bothers to shampoo her hair.

Celine Rahman

We all go a day or two without shampoo, but this friend lives life like she's at Coachella year-round.

She's bouncing from morning spin class to the office, then to post-happy hour yoga.

You love her, but she's got to take better care of that mane. People are starting to get weirded out by her day-old ponytail lines.

Give the gift of great hair -- dry shampoo and hairspray included -- and show your support for her habit.

Put a bow on: The Four Pack, Drybar, $39

The friend who tattooed the Eiffel Tower on her ribcage.

Celine Rahman

This girl isn't a Francophile, per se, but she went to Paris twice in high school and still lives for every macaron shop she sees.

Chances are good she's still clutching that nasty plastic Eiffel Tower keychain purchased three years ago.

This holiday season, upgrade her with a sparkling set of Eiffel Tower-themed palettes and creamy lip gloss to boot.

La vie en rose, and all that.

Put a bow on: Le Grand Chateau, Too Faced, $49

The buddy who DIYs anything left in her grasp for too long.

Celine Rahman

For this friend, the world is an oversized Pinterest board.

She's crazy for all things homemade, DIY or dipped in metallic paint. In her mind, she's Lauren Conrad.

Give her the gift of looking chic at work with a self-contained mug and infuser that's perfectly posh. After she straps a hand-lettered calligraphy tag to the handle, claiming it as her own, she'll thank you.

Put a bow on: Gold Dip Nordic Mug, David's Tea, $23

The future Leslie Knope.

Celine Rahman

Promotions are the only goal of this career-driven lady, who always seems to be taking on an extra project or schmoozing with her manager.

She's on a mission to attain Sheryl Sandberg status by age 30 and no one can mess with her head.

Skip the supportive text messages and show you care with a sassy, lady power-themed nameplate.

Put a bow on: Nameplate, He Said, She Said, $28

The girl who wears Lululemon and talks about moving to LA.

Celine Rahman

Tell, don't show, is this girl's motto.

When she's not too busy standing in line at Juice Generation, she's telling you about hiring California Closets to rework her walk-in -- the one daddy pays for in the West Village.

She can be a bit much. But, at the end of the day, this girl is your fiercest friend. Get her a rose gold fitness tracker that's both expensive-looking and useful.

Put a bow on: Fitness Bracelet, Mira, $169