Male CEO Of Bra Company Gets Breast Implants So He Can Understand His Customers


Kewi Bra CEO Muyiwa Olumide is taking one for the team and getting breast implants to give himself (that's right — Olumide is a dude) a better idea of how big-busted women cope with their enhanced chest sizes.

Olumide said he's taking on the drastic measure and undergoing surgery to better understand his busty clientele. This is either super creepy, or an awesome show of some seriously committed customer service.

"It does take me, at the very least, one step closer to better understanding how to tackle the problem from the inside out."

The Kewi Bra company has devoted itself to creating the most comfortable and effective bras for large-chested women. Just over a week ago, they introduced a high-tech design for a strapless bra, which they claim both lifts and supports women sized D through P.

Since Olumide will record his augmentation process and its aftermath on Kewi Bra's crowd-funding site, it's kind of unclear if the implants are really being used to help the CEO understand the female form, or if it's a money-motivated publicity scheme.

Regardless, here's hoping Olumide enjoys his new set.

H/T: Refinery29, Top Photo Courtesy: Facebook