Finally! A High-Tech Strapless Bra For Big-Breasted Women (Video)


I appreciate any technological innovation that makes the lives of my lady friends a little less... er...burdensome.

So for all you D-sizes and up, this one's for you.

We've all anguished over the search for the perfect strapless bra, but the busty have it so much worse when it comes to brasserie shopping. Enter Kewi Bra, a Maryland start-up company that boasts a strapless bra engineered especially for those women who are more endowed.

They've created a high-tech, high-cost (but $150 so that you can comfortably wear a tube top may be a small price to pay, ladies) strapless bra specifically for women who are (luckily? cursed with?) a size D through P set.

As it's introductory video suggests (OK, so I don't entirely understand it), the Kewi Bra is a seriously scientific piece that maybe just has to work.

The company is taking pre-orders now. What are you waiting for?

via Refinery 29