8 Common Makeup Mistakes That Can Throw Off Your Whole Look

"I miss the days of blue eyeshadow and strawberry lipgloss," said no girl ever. Despite how #fresh we girls looked back in the dreaded days of early '00s fashion, thankfully our beauty trends have matured throughout the years.

Despite the onset of "natural beauty," chances are, you're still making some pretty questionable beauty statements when it comes to putting on your makeup.

Here are some ways to keep your style cool, hip and unique without messing up your look:

1. Adding Winged Eyeliner When It's Not Appropriate

Ladies, we're all about the winged tip. But, there is a time and place for it. Loading your eyes up with black eyeliner, thick mascara, winged tips and full out contoured cheeks is going to make you look ridiculous.

If you want to add winged eyeliner, it's best to do it on a natural eye with a hint of beige or white and really make them pop. Also, if you want to add winged eyeliner, tone down the dramatic lip color.

2. Looking Like You're Going To The Club Instead Of Work

I'm all about rocking high-fashion makeup when I'm at the office. How else will I stand out among a sea of cubicles? But, when you're dressing for work, make sure your face is just as appropriate as your attire.

Don't use flashy colors. If you want to do a nude eye with a pop of green eyeliner, go for it. You can still be trendy without looking like you're a high-end model who gives customers directions to the office.

3. A Bold Lip And Bold Eyes

This is a mistake that people are still making. It's one or the other. A helpful hint to keep in mind is to pick a feature and highlight it. If you want your eyes to pop, make them your focus. The same goes for your lips. Too much of everything is, well, too much.

4. Forgetting About Your Neck

Girls, please invest in some brushes or sponges, or just use your hands. Blend your makeup into your neck so it looks like your head and the rest of your body are part of the same person.

5. Using The Wrong Color Of Foundation

A good rule of thumb? Always go lighter if you're not sure what color to pick. If you go light, you can still add blush, contour and highlights.

6. Not Investing In The Good Stuff

Sure, Walmart sells eyeshadow for $2.99, and it's probably the same exact color Ulta is selling for $25. But, buying the good stuff has several benefits. For one, it's using healthier products, and two, your face is still going to look as it did when you left the house earlier that morning. No more running eyeliner and flushed cheeks for you!

7. Not Investing In Face Cream

Always wash your face before you go to bed. I have a really bad habit of not doing this. Recently, I woke up one morning and was like, "Who is this old lady staring at me in the mirror?"

Leaving makeup on your skin doesn't allow any time for your pores to breathe, and it ages you. Taking care of your skin keeps you looking fresh and livelier. That way, you don't always need to go out with a face full of makeup.

8. Doing The Same Thing Every Day

Makeup is a wonderful way of expressing your creativity and unique style. So, try the funky lip color. Try out the new eye style. Fashion is meant to be fun, and as long as you're following the basic rules of makeup, you'll be the envy of everyone around you.