Let's Raise A Toast To This Girl Who Matched A Kylie Lip Kit To Her Hickey

Love is a beautiful thing.

It's all hand-holding and long walks at dusk, telling each other about how ugly you were in middle school and pretending not to notice when the other person farts. Romance is all fun and games, until you start getting cozy.

Take, for example, Ashley Sardella. The Kylie Cosmetics fan gave the internet a hearty laugh when she tweeted a photo of an oversized, deep purple hickey on what we can only believe to be her neck.

Next to it, she placed a Kylie Lip Kit — shade Love Bite.

The two matched perfectly, and Sardella captioned the photo "Swatch."

If you regularly watch King Kylie's Snapchats, you'll know she's obsessed with drawing out lines of her liquid lipstick and showing off how they wear in light and shadow.

That's not the end of the saga, however. Kylie Jenner herself saw the Tweet and shared it.

At publication time, it's been liked almost 10,000 times. It's nice Sardella was able to put her hickey to good use, instead of hiding it under scarves and turtleneck sweaters where it's no use to anybody.

Now that Sardella's swatched the dirtiest of the lip kit colors, where can she go from here?

I, personally, would love to see real-life versions of Freedom, Dirty Peach and Dead of Knight (although that last one could get a little scary).

All that's left to wonder is how Kylie knew to name the color "Love Bite" in the first place.

Tyga? You want to take this one?

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