Apparently There's Another Major Problem If You Buy Kylie Jenner's Lip Kits

Looks like Kylie Jenner just can't catch a break. Not that she needs one, but still.

King Kylie's ubiquitous Lip Kits have earned her a not-so-glam "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau. No, not because of the formula similarities between her liquid lipsticks and ColourPop's -- rather, because of an overwhelming number of unresolved customer complaints.

According to Cosmopolitan, out of the 133 filed complaints, 55 were issues with the product and 69 were delivery issues. What, none about how the formula literally takes three days to wash off?

In Kylie's defense, she is KINDA working on it. She changed the box that the lip kits were shipped in back in May to make them less recognizable from the outside and not as easy for thieves to steal. However, the BBB insists that the “pattern of complaint allegation continues” well after her redesign.

The BBB even contacted Kylie Cosmetics about partially full and undelivered packages. No news on whether the data leaks from last year (and earlier this year) were part of the "F" grade, but I'm sure that didn't exactly work to help Kylie's case.

Hey, Kylie, time to get that shipping drama sorted. We don't go through a full range of emotions for nothing, you know.

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