6 #Girlboss Books To Help You Rock Your Next Interview

by Niki McGloster

I'd rather sit through back-to-back bikini waxes than brag about my accomplishments in a job interview.

For me, it's hell. The entire process is a nail-biting exercise that makes me second-guess myself. Will they remember me 15 minutes after I leave? How should I wear my hair?

Regardless of my knotting stomach, confidence is key in an interview situation. If you, like me, lack inherent self-assurance, consider hitting the books. The lessons learned by women like Shonda Rhimes and Sheryl Sandberg can aid you in acing your interview. With a little of their wisdom behind you, you'll soon be set to talk about your past experience and future plans like a pro.

If the interview goes well, you'll actually be a pro soon enough.

Dig into the words of the people who've done it and slay the interview process from beginning to end. Here are six books that are perfect for each interview situation you might encounter.

If you're a nervous wreck before the interview, turn to Jen Sincero.

Read: You Are a Badass, $10, Amazon 

It'll take a lot of power playlists and positive affirmations to get you to the interview without vomiting from nerves.

The title of Sincero's book alone reinforces that you'll kill it. Between the pages, you'll find every reason you need to stop doubting your ability to stand out among the 10 other people being interviewed.

Sincero has been a success coach for years and offers up helpful exercises you can do to "Create a life you totally love."

If you spill coffee on your skirt and your hair won't cooperate, choose Summersdale.


Read: Shit Happens So Get Over It, $8, Amazon

Some days, life f*cking sucks. Still, there's no use in crying over spilled half and half.

Make your sh*tty situation work in your favor with this modern book of proverbs. It's full of straightforward quotes on how to stop making everything such a big deal.

For example: "Ever had one of those days when nothing seems to go your way? Poor little you. Now deal with it!"

If you're interviewing for a high-profile, demanding job, Tory Johnson can help.


Read: Take This Book to Work, $5, Amazon

Even before you land the gig, it's best to have this book tucked away in your tote bag.

This novel highlights all the topics any rookie interviewee should be thinking about, including fair salaries and opportunities for growth.

Show that you're more than just an eager addition to the team. You're willing to put in the extra hours necessary to make the company better.

If you're gunning for a dream job, but maybe don't have that much experience, Paul Arden is your new BFF.

Read: It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want to Be, $9, Amazon 

You might not be 100 percent qualified for the job you want, but who's to say you can't learn to manage a team? Don't allow your confidence to wither when you're faced with a learning curve.

Use Arden's witty quotes and facts to remind yourself you'd be an asset to the company, not just now, but in the years to come.

If you have post-interview jitters, call on Arianna Huffington.


Read: Thrive, $7, Amazon 

Whew! The hard part's almost over. Once the waiting game begins, it's important you remember exactly why the job seemed appealing in the first place. It's only one piece of the puzzle that is your life.

Money is great, but don't be blinded by a salary or access to free bagels every Wednesday. In Huffington's memoir, she speaks of her struggles managing her time as a full-time boss and mother of two. She juggled it all by implementing meditation and mindfulness exercises into her daily routine.

If you need a confidence boost for your career, read Aliza Licht

When it's your turn to ask questions, don't just ask about weekly freebies and office culture. Instead, make yourself unforgettable by asking what your new boss expects from you.

You're a Millennial, so digital strategy and networking are musts. Aliza Licht, DKNY's former "PR Girl," revolutionized the way fashion companies branded its content on social media sites like Twitter. She's the go-to source for taking the extra step at your new position.

So, there you have it. A few books to catch up on after you've dusted off your résumé and got a call back. Trust us, with these tips in your repertoire, there's no way you won't nail your next interview.