#ImStarving: 21 Snapchats In The Life Of An Always Hungry Girl


If there's one thing girls love to talk about, it's how hungry we are... all of the damn time.

It doesn't matter what time of the day it is, we could ingest a feast and not even be fazed. Instead, we'd be prepared for another helping of mac and cheese, along with three slices of pizza.

But we can't always cave into these cravings because then we'd really just be in one large food coma 24/7.

Instead we must internally pick and choose what's worth it and what's not, thus creating "hungry girl problems."

The struggle is more than real, and these Snapchats definitely prove it.

1. Why do we even bother trying to diet?

As much as we try to restrict ourselves, there are just certain situations you just don't give a f*ck and go balls to the wall. Free pizza? I'll take it! Mac and cheese? Most definitely.

2. Two words: sushi diet

Is there any other food that all females like more than sushi? Don't even try and tell me otherwise... this is, basically, a fact.

3. A woman's favorite pastime is eating her feelings

...As it should be! This serves as an amazing form of rationalization in times of despair, sadness and extreme hunger. How else are we supposed to make ourselves feel better?

4. Hangry is an emotion we feel deep down in our souls

You've never seen how mean a woman can really get until she reaches the point of "starvation." The hungrier we are, the ruder we are. So shut up and hand over the pizza.

5. The only reason you attend social events is in the hopes that food will be served

The only way you're getting me to your ridiculous soiree is if there will be snacks available. How do you expect me to put up with fake conversations without being able to stuff my face?

6. Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels? Lies.

I'm sorry Kate Moss, but have you ever had a bagel? Or Momofuku birthday cake truffles? Or just carbs in general?

7. The only type of porn you're into is food porn

Who cares about naked bodies when you can browse the Internet for savory food images? I guarantee they will make your jaw drop instantaneously.

8. You experience anxiety whenever your meal is about to end

The pace at which you eat your food dramatically decreases the closer and closer you get to the last bite. But don't fret! You can always order more — a concept you are way too familiar with.

9. Food is your BAE

Safety first when it comes to your food, as you can't afford to waste even the tiniest french fry. You are overly protective when it comes to your meals, which brings us to...

10. Your heart sinks when you offer people food and they accept

Don't people know you are just doing this to be polite because it's awkward not to offer... How would you feel if someone took some of your food? You wouldn't be too happy now, would you?

11. Food wins over a guy, every single time

Penis or pizza? Psh, like you even have to ask. You know exactly what you are going home with. I'll give you a hint: It doesn't speak (and thank God for that).

12. Your stomach is actually just a bottomless pit

The limit definitely does not exist when it comes to your stomach. You can eat and eat and eat some more without even the slightest sign of being full.

13. Must. Resist. Bread Basket.

This is the true test of willpower. Who can resist free carbs? Isn't that just bad manners?

14. You have no qualms skipping meals in preparation for drunk eating

If college taught us anything, it's that it's more worthwhile to skip a meal so you can make up for it later when you are severely intoxicated. How else can you justify eating an entire box of pizza to yourself?

15. But, really, what's a diet?

A balanced diet to me is having a donut in each hand, and yourself?

16. Being too full to go out is the best excuse you can think of

Being in a food coma is the best way to spend your weekends. Don't listen to your friends who try and peer pressure you to go out. Remember, if they give you a hard time... just eat them too.

17. You are always daydreaming about your next meal

There is only one way to make it through your first meal, and that is to start planning out your second. I'm pretty sure most people think this way and, if not, they're just not doing it right.

18. You are never truly satisfied until you have reached your full capacity.

Food coma: mission completed. Congratulations, you have eaten everything it's physically possible to eat, and you've reached the point of no return. Chances are this fullness will not even start to pass for at least 24-hours.

19. You have found yourself stealing and hiding food for later

I'm not sure what the problem with this is, it seems just like good planning to me.

20. You consider serving sizes a challenge

Whoever came up with serving sizes must have the appetite of a runway model. Serving sizes are up to your discretion. Just remember: Any pizza can be a personal pie if you believe in yourself.

21. No, seriously...

Bitch please, if you've never finished an entire carton of ice cream in one sitting, you haven't truly lived.