Ladies' Hump Day Hump Of The Week: Alexander Skarsgard

by Elite Daily Staff
Elite Daily

What do you get when you mix a Swed, razor-sharp cheekbones and a little vampire blood? Oh, no big deal, just the handsome 6'4” stunner, Alexander Skarsgard. Seriously though, we don't even know if we can pretend to play down his hotness, especially after he went all in during the "True Blood" season six finale episode. And, by “all in," we mean went full frontal, rocking out with his cock out (and, for the record, he did not disappoint!).

Last week, we pleaded with HBO to show more dongs. It's literally as if they heard our prayers and really threw us a big bone(r) by first selecting Skarsgard's luscious piece o' meat (and we aren't just talking about his abs!). Well done, Alex. Not only are you the sexiest specimen on television, but you also have the chops to be a real standup guy…er, acting chops.

Besides his extraordinary assets, here's why we'd love to hump Alex's leg as if we were a bunch of Maltese puppies. Oh, and Happy Hump Day, ladies!

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