Where Are All The Penises On HBO?

by Elite Daily Staff

You would think that in a show called “Girls” about twenty-somethings’ relationships and lives, HBO would show its female audience a little less boobs and a little more dick. Similarly, there is absolutely no footage of any male parts in the series, even in the episode literally called “Hung” about a guy with a huge shlong. Huh? Isn’t that the reason we all watched it in the first place – to see Ray Drecker’s enormous…er, pecker?

For all the times we’ve seen Samantha’s breasts in “Sex and the City,” we should have also seen Smith Jared’s “Absolute Hunk” of junk. Come on, HBO. Do you execs actually think we’d rather watch Suki have sex with practically everyone over getting a nice clip of Vince Chase’s golden jewels? Please, that’s what YouTube is for.

Check out this hilarious video below from our lady friends at College Humor petitioning to show more dongs on HBO. After all, if we pay for a select channel, we’re going to want to see some select dick.

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Via: College Humor, Photo Courtesy: College Humor