Hump Day's Lady's Hump Of The Day: Ryan Gosling

Last week we debuted Hump of the Day with the Disney channel star turned crazy twerker, who can't stop and won't stop: Miley Cyrus. In light of that, since most women don't want to hump Miley, we decided that we need a Hump of the Day of the male breed.

What better way to start Hump of the Day than with Ryan Gosling? I can't think of one woman I know who doesn't want him. Gosling started out as an innocent, slightly awkward looking young boy in "Remember the Titans" and has developed into the sexiest man I can think of off the top of my head.

From his role as hopeless romantic in "The Notebook," to womanizer in "Crazy, Stupid, Love" and many more, there is no character of his we can keep it in our pants for. In honor of Hump Day, here's why we all want to hump the sh*t out of Ryan Gosling.

He's honest.

This facial expression:

Can I get a unanimous 'f*ck yes?'

He won Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards for this:

...and then reenacted that kiss when he received the award:

He's probably the only guy who can attract both men and women with this look:

He's a hopeless romantic.

He doesn't give up (and he pulls off the massive amount of facial hair look).

He makes creepy stalker look sexy.

He even makes stupid, look sexy.

KK staying!

You were hoping?!

Steve, are you okay?

If he's a bird, we're all birds.

Photo Credit: WENN

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