How You Hide Your Tampons Says So Much About Your Personality


Women are experts at sneaking around.

No, we're not cheating on our boyfriends or doubling as exotic dancers. We're covertly smuggling our Tampax into the bathroom.

Somewhere between our first and fifth periods, we quickly learned the sight of a tampon is more awkward than a Skype date.

Feminine products are the secret thing none of us talk about unless we're asking our coworker for the extra tampon at the bottom of her purse.

Instead of suffering openly during bloody hell week, we endure our time of the month privately.

Our years of resourcefulness allow us to tote our tampons to the nearest toilet without anyone realizing Aunt Flo is in town.

Whether you realize it or not, every way you stash your products says something about your personality.

Up the sleeve: the magician.

You make a Kotex disappear better than David Copperfield.

You've mastered the art of making it reappear only when you're safely in a bathroom stall.

In the cosmetic bag: the lady.

How vulgar to be handling a Playtex out in the open!

While your dinner date may assume you're visiting the ladies' room to touch up your makeup, you're swapping out your soaked string peen.

Stashed in the back pocket: the confident one.

You're bold enough to slip your tampon in the back pocket of your Levi's.

Though you may stick your hand over it on your way to the bathroom, you wouldn't really mind if the dude checking out your ass asks, "What is that?"

Inside the shoes: the clever one.

You're the James Bond of hiding tampons.

Tucking your vagina cork behind the tongue of your Nike Flyknits is a genius move.

No one will suspect something they never see, right?

Tucked into the waistband: the shy, clumsy one.

You're not stealthy enough to tuck your tampon in your sleeve without dropping it just before you reach the loo.

Sticking it in a secure place like your waistband is much less embarrassing.

Inside the bra: the resourceful one.

You don't want to make it completely known there's a drip drop going on in your underwear for the next seven days.

Your best bet is stashing the plastic applicator next to your underwire.

Stored in the hair: the ditz.

You knew that big, curly mane would come in handy one day.

All you've got to do is throw your hair into a ponytail and stuff your compact tampon under your hair tie.

Come on, do you really think no one will notice?

Held in the hand: the real feminist.

You DGAF who knows you're on your menstrual. Who cares if men are grossed out (or oddly turned on)? It's human nature!

You'll clench your tampon in the palm of your hand to be polite, but you're preoccupied with wondering how that thing's been in you for over 10 hours.