'The History Of The Bra' Is The Video You Didn't Know You Needed To See

Viewers beware: This video will make you want all the bras ever created.

There are plenty of videos out there showcasing a century's worth of a particular fashion.

Cut Video's “100 Years of Beauty” series has 10 episodes cataloguing worldwide style trends, and it recently inspired a spinoff on Mashable called “100 Years of Hamster Beauty in 60 Seconds.”

The latest addition to the Internet family of beauty chronicling focuses on boobie cages in Glamour's “The History of the Bra: Styles From Every Fashion Era.”

This video not only features some of the past's most groundbreaking bra-novations, but it also sneaks in trivia to educate the modern woman on the foremothers of her present up-top undies.

The style I could live in forever? The 1960s “No Bra” sheer bra. So comfy! So pointless!

The style I could live without? The 1970s “Nipple Bra,” for its baffling redundancy.

Glamour Magazine on YouTube

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