Sunglasses And Advil: 9 Headaches That Drive Girls Crazy On A Regular Basis

Girls love to complain; it's just a fact. We spend the better part of our day bitching to our friends over Gchat. We don't care how stupid or ridiculous we may sound because these are our friends, and they have to listen to us.

What else are we supposed to do all day to pass the time? Complaining is fun, complaining is cathartic and complaining is easy.

I mean there's a reason #FirstWorldProblems exist and are so prevalent throughout social media. Well, today, we are going to discuss one specific kind of complaint: the headache.

This is a battle women face on the regular because our lives are just oh so stressful. You may be wondering how girls face nine different kinds of headaches, so lucky for you, I am here to clarify...

1. The Headband/Ponytail Headache

This headache usually arises at the gym. You need a headband and ponytail to keep your hair out of your face as you exercise, but after 30 solid minutes have passed, your skull is pounding.

The headache seems to span across your head exactly where the headband lies and trickles all the way down to your inner core. (See what I did there?)

2. The Hunger Headache

Whoever said hungry isn't an emotion has never been a female. This sh*t probably hurts you more than any other type of headache out there.

I mean we feel that deep, deep in our soul. However, this is nothing that a huge, solid meal won't fix. So don't fret, as this unfortunate ailment can be easily (and deliciously) fixed.

3. The Period Headache

A period headache is most definitely up there alongside a hunger headache. Luckily, this only occurs once a month, or else we'd really be sh*t out of luck.

The best way to cure this? Chug a bottle of water, pop some Midol and hit the reefer. Problem solved. You're welcome.

4. The Break-Up Headache

This may not be the most painful, but it is certainly one of the more annoying types of headaches. You spend your time going back and forth with someone who can't seem to understand where you are coming from.

Do you know how exhausting and annoying it is to go back and forth with a person who you just want out of your life?

5. The Work Headache

Yes, please pile on my work because I'm not already in over my head as it is. There really is nothing you can do about this except suffer in silence as you trudge through yet another Excel spreadsheet.

You will make it, you will survive, and the less you complain, the better you look in the eyes of your coworkers. Plaster that fake smile on because it will be you laughing on promotion day.

6. The Family Drama Headache

Ugh, save the drama for your mama... literally. Family drama doesn't usually happen on a consistent basis, but when it does, prepare for sh*t to really hit the fan.

There's nothing worse than watching the generational divides come to life, as everyone in your family tries to argue completely different points. Chances are no one is even going to agree since everyone's mindset was shaped at a different time.

7. The Hangover Headache

Where is my breakfast sandwich? Where is my wallet? What about my phone? And lastly, where the hell is my dignity? No, seriously, where is it? The hangover headache after a rough night of partying is nothing to be desired.

All plans and moves you thought you were going to be making the next day are thrown out the window because there is no chance you are even moving from your bed until the pain subsides, and even then, you still may not even budge.

8. The Coffee Headache

This headache usually rears its ugly head around 2 pm in the afternoon, as the initial stages of your coffee crash begin.

You resent ordering that Venti iced coffee from Starbucks and vow never to make that rookie mistake again. You swear off your coffee addiction, but secretly know this will only last for a few days... if that.

How else are you supposed to combat all of the work you are faced with on a daily basis if you give up coffee?

9. The Burnt-Out Headache

Maybe you're burnt out from working so hard or maybe you are literally burnt out from smoking too much ganja. Whatever it is, the feeling of your brain being fried is nothing but sheer and utter pain.

There is really nothing worse than feeling drained and nothing better than feeling recharged. The only solution for this problem is to get hours upon hours of sleep.

Photo credit: Vogue