GM Reveals New Female CEO Will Actually Make More Than Her Male Predecessor Did

by Katie Gonzalez

Following the news — and subsequent public outcry and accusations of corporate sexism — that GM's first female CEO, Mary Barra, would be receiving annual pay totaling less than half of what her male predecessor made, the car manufacturing company released more details about Barra's salary.

And magically, the numbers have changed — now it looks as though Barra is poised to make as much as $14.4 million when considering her long term compensation plan... which is about $5 million more than the $9 million former CEO Daniel Akerson was estimated to have made last year.

According to a GM statement, the original report that Barra would make only $4 million (OK, this is still a lot of money) as the automaker's leader was not indicative of the total pay package she is poised to receive.

"The company released the full figures ahead of its proxy filing in April to correct misperceptions created by comparisons that used only a portion of Barra’s overall compensation."

Thanks for the clarification, GM! And thanks for not paying your female CEO only 48% of what her male counterpart made. Because that would have been embarrassing. For you.

via New York Times, Top Photo Credit: Getty Images