Glitter Roots Are The Magical New Hair Trend Taking Over Instagram

by Niki McGloster

The next time you walk past a girl who's hairline looks like she hasn't showered in three weeks, don't worry. What you're looking at is Instagram's latest hair trend: glitter roots.

Personally, I'm happy about this new fad. Unless we're touching up a grown-out dye job, our roots rarely receive the attention they deserve. But now, women are giving their hair a sparkly upgrade.

Scratch rainbow roots or hair contouring, because glitter roots make hair practically cosmic. And with minimal effort, too.

This look is perfect for the holidays, especially if you want to blend in with the tinsel.

First of all, it's like sparkly, adorable dandruff.

This scalp candy was first spotted at fashion shows, where many trends begin.

Then, a blogger caught on to the playful style.

Actress Lucy Hale, who shared her love for #glitterroots on Instagram, is the real purveyor of this new-age Sailor Moon style.

Now, dazzling roots are popping up everywhere.

Most women are wearing space buns to make the colorful flakes stand out.

Princess Leia-inspired styles are not the only way to rock the trend. Wear your hair down if the occasion calls for it.

Add glitter to your edges for a chic look.

You can even upgrade a braided style with sprinkles.

Add some flare to those dizzying zig-zags, perhaps?

Don't be selfish, let the little ones in on your fairy-friendly look.

Add just a pinch for your first try.

Or, dare to bare your colored roots boldly.

Either way, serve up some attitude when you snap a pic of your hair's disco dust.

Seriously, give your roots the royal treatment and tackle these #hairgoals.