Ladies, It's Not Cute! Stop Saying 'Sorry, I'm Not Sorry'


Drake had no idea that he was starting a tragic epidemic among women when he said, “That’s the motto n*gga YOLO.” However, as much as this phrase is notoriously hated by anyone who is sane, I think there is something worse than YOLO: “Sorry I’m not sorry.”

Our generation of women is all about excusing its actions with this phrase. Seriously, we do the most obscure and socially unacceptable things and think it will be absolved by our explaining that we aren’t sorry with this “catchy” line.

By catchy, I mean it makes our ears bleed. I think we should all follow a simple rule. Before you do something, think: will you need to say, “sorry I’m not sorry” in order to salvage your dignity afterwards? If so, just don’t do it.

“Sorry I’m not sorry” really means “I actually am extremely sorry, but I am going to make it look like I’m not sorry so that I look like less of an assh*le.” I wouldn’t be surprised if a girl tweeted, “Just pushed my BFFAE off the Brooklyn Bridge!! LOLZ #SorryImNotSorry.” Here are some things that, under no circumstance, should be excused with “sorry I’m not sorry.”

Getting Eiffel-towered

Taking a mirror picture

Skipping your birth control

F*cking your best friend’s BF

Not getting an STD test

Not wearing deodorant

Being a 'Belieber'

Saying 'YOLO'

Getting gang-banged

Drunk driving

Meeting someone on Tinder


Tweeting about your ex

Being as obnoxious and delusional as this girl

Being racist

Twerking in public

Going commando in a skirt

Shaving your head

Not shaving your legs

Not shaving your armpits

Having a crush on George Zimmerman

Doing coke to be skinny

Eating McDonald's sober

Getting face piercings

Eating your feelings

Not eating anything

Taking selfies on Instagram

Liking Pitbull

Photo Credit: WENN/ Tumblr/ Instagram