Ladies, You Have Plenty Of Time! Stop Rushing Yourself Into A Relationship


So you’ve been hooking up with this guy for a couple of weeks. It’s progressed a little, but you’re at the awkwardly unclear stage of the relationship. Do you like him? Does he like you? Is he going to ask you to be exclusive? Do you even want him to ask you to be exclusive? Do you even know what the f*ck you want at all? These are some of the classic questions women stress over.

Women often make the mistake of confusing what they actually want with what they think they’re supposed to want. Why do we rush to put a label on every hook-up?  It’s simple: we’re caving into societal pressure. A girl is raised to believe that if a guy won’t commit to her, it means he doesn’t respect her. This leads women to pressure guys into rushed relationships by labeling them step-by-step. Regardless of if she actually likes this guy, or even wants a relationship at all, a girl will have anxiety if he doesn’t want that with her.

Stop thinking about what you SHOULD want when it comes to hooking up/dating and consider what you ACTUALLY want. Do you really want to be tied down right now? If you get yourself into a relationship with the wrong person, you’ll be miserable. Don’t dig yourself a ditch that you can’t get out of just because you think you’re supposed to. When it comes to being respected by men, being independent is one of the most attractive features to possess

“Monogamy or whatever you call it. I'm starting to think it ain't for everybody. Most of us rushing into it anyways, you know what I'm saying. You ain't rushing for love, and I ain't up here to judge. Let's neglect the what ifs and make it do what it does.” – Wale

When you rush into a relationship for the wrong reasons, you wind up settling for something less than what you deserve. You make compromises in order to adapt to the guy’s convenience, and wind up compromising yourself as well.

If you’re sure that you’re into a guy and could potentially see yourself in a committed relationship with him, don’t overthink it now. Rushing things will only stress you out, freak him out and make things feel forced and uncomfortable. You can’t go from zero to 100. A healthy relationship evolves naturally.

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” -Beverly Sills

The best way to do this is to just ride the wave. Maybe it’s just meant to be casual fun or maybe it’s meant to be something more. Either way, the more fun you have with it, the better it will be. Time ties together everything that is meant to happen. F*ck what anyone else thinks of your relationship/dating life and what it “should” be like. Stay true to what you want and it will be much easier to get it.

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