Girls Have Been Scoring Higher Than Boys Across All School Subjects For The Last 100 Years

Forget what you thought you knew about girls not doing as well as the boys in subjects like math and science.

A recent review of the grades received by over 1 million schoolchildren from 1914 to 2011 is actually proving the opposite: for the past century, girls have been outperforming boys in every school subject — including math and science.

Young women have not only done better than their male counterparts in reading, language, math and science, but they've also been doing so at every single stage of their academic careers, from elementary to high school.

We've been so conditioned to think that guys are smarter than girls in certain areas that even the researchers conducting the study were surprised by their findings.

"We didn't expect to find that girls did better at math and science as well. The girls did better whatever you give them," the professors at the University of New Brunswick in Canada where the data was analyzed explained.

The results, which were published in the American Psychological Association journal Psychological Bulletin, show that any perceived difference in women's ability to perform in STEM jobs is all in our heads.

H/T: Time, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It