Girls Who Dye Their Hair Are More Confident, Bolder And Better In Bed

My hair hasn’t been “all-natural” in nearly a decade.

Here’s the thing: I f*cking love my hair. I am also impulsive and occasionally have a bit of beauty ADD. This has resulted in many last-minute appointments, bimonthly keratin treatments and enough bleach to clean every bathroom in the White House.

Up until last week, I was undergoing double process treatments every eight weeks to maintain my platinum mane. Before that, I had a jet black pixie cut. Even earlier, I rocked a fiery red Jessica Rabbit 'do.

Long story short, I’m a big fan of using dye to add a certain oomph. Now with opal, pastel and metallic hair becoming mainstream, I strongly believe there’s about to be a hair revolution.

Girls who dye their hair are artistic. They’re strong. They believe in an alternate definition of beauty. Not that girls with natural locks don’t, but it’s time for ladies of all colors of the rainbow to shine.

We aren’t afraid of change.

Change is f*cking scary. It’s also unexpected, sometimes sad and rarely refers to anything good (namely, your mom deciding to move cross-country when you’re 12 because she was ready for a “change”).

Girls with dyed locks are not only fearless in the face of change, but they also welcome it. After all, if change is something you can control (for example, your hair color) then there’s a lot less to be afraid of.

We’re better in bed.

Girl, he wasn’t kidding when he said you were the best he’s ever had.

According to a study by Nottingham Trent University, women reported they felt more confident, sexually excited, attractive and rebellious after dying their hair.

Case in point: The first time I had sex in a semi-public place was immediately after a round of double-processing. Hey, I felt like the best version of myself and I needed to share with the world. It’s not like my boyfriend was complaining.

We’re confident.

Queen Demi Lovato wrote an entire song praising confident women, and that girl has seen more hair colors than Leonardo DiCaprio has seen the vaginas of models.

According to the same study from Nottingham Trent University, women agreed they were more likely to sing or dance in front of strangers, would ask someone out, experiment with something new romantically and initiate sex with a partner after dying their hair.

In short, hair dye has a similar effect to alcohol, in that we feel unstoppable, sexy and daring. Basically, any girl after four tequila shots.

We’re bolder.

Purple? Been there, done that. Green? If Kylie did it, so can you.

You’ve never met a hair color you were too afraid to try on your head. From an ashy silver to a nearly-neon fuchsia, you’ve been every shade under the sun and aren’t afraid to try more.

You know in the back of your mind that no matter what happens hair grows back, correctional color is a thing, and Olaplex exists for a reason.

We are basically chemists.

Okay, maybe most of us don’t have the fancy degree to back up the claim, but any girl who DIY dyes has seen her bathroom transform into a lab every time she’s itching for a change.

We dyed girls have our own jargon. Developer, toner and ratio all mean something entirely different to us than they do the average person. What, did you think the toner I bought was for the printer? Yeah, okay.

We define an alternate version of beauty.

We don’t have to go au natural to be beautiful. Our pink, blue and silver locks are every inch as perfect as a natural mane and we love it.

Not every definition of beauty is cut and dry and includes Gigi Hadid as a poster girl. We like a bit of edge and when you meet us, and you will too.