The Group Chat Is Sacred, And 10 Other Commandments Of Every Girl Squad

T-Swizzle ain't the only one with a squad that's on fleek, and you know it. Your squad knows exactly how the world runs, and it's pretty damn obvious that your girls are family, not friends. Whether it is a quiet movie night or you need to get completely numb-faced from tequila, your group is always there.

Girl groups are one of the greatest things created by human beings. Finding a band of babes who can all get along is not only a rare occurrence, but something to hold on to for your whole goddamn life. Boys may have bro code, but us chicas have something a whole lot better when it comes down how we treat our besties.

1. Thou shall not tell.

This is the first commandment for a very bloody important reason. Every relationship, whether it's your partner, parent, sibling, co-worker or even pet dog, is built on the foundation of trust. If there ain't no trust, pack your bags, and hit the road.

When you tell your squad something that isn't meant for outside members' ears, you need to be able to sit on a throne of trust stronger than Ronda Rousey and not bat a single lash. A girl squad is the best form of counseling for whatever rant, bitch or cry needed for the benefit of your squad's collective mental health.

2. Thou shall never upload a photo unless all squad members are on point.

Even though this is a significant rule to follow, you can all think of that one sneaky chick who never checks with you before her Insta upload.

However, not only will your fellow squad members take a bomb-ass profile pic of you that should be sent to Victoria's Secret for their next fashion show, they will also never betray your trust with a terrible upload.

If they go the extra mile and touch you up with some Facetune, you know they are keepers.

3. Thou shall never allow outside members into the group chat.

A group chat is the one link that holds every secret known to woman. If accessed by anyone outside of said group, uncontrollable anarchy is likely to follow.

Boys, don't listen to anyone who tells you a girl squad group chat isn't where all the sh*t goes down. Friday night plans, who is dating who, bitch sessions and screenshots are all up for topics of discussion, and nobody has a problem with that.

It is important to note that no matter how much the squad likes your boyfie, the punishment of however many alcoholic shots will always be upheld if an intruder is granted access to the holy grail of secrets.

4. Thou shall not bitch about fellow squad members.

Unless you want to become very accustomed to the saying "hit the road, Jack"...Don't. Bloody. Do. It.

5. Thou shall encourage irresponsible amounts of drinking.

If someone turns to you and says "I think you've had enough," smile, walk away, delete her number and profile on Facebook, then go buy another drink.

You know your real mates when they tell you to suck it up, followed by some lime, salt and tequila. Going out with the girls is a fundamental step to a good week, regardless of the hangover likely to proceed the next morning.

When it comes to a night out with the gang, it's all for one and one for all.

6. Thou shall always hold squad members' hair back following irresponsible consumption of said alcohol.

Regardless of how much you cannot stomach the smell of vomit or the site of public bathrooms, your duties call when a comrade's down.

In all honestly, it's most likely the group's fault in regard to the state your bestie is in. So whether it's holding her hair back, fixing her outfit, cleaning her face or re-applying her lipstick, the girl squad got you into it, and therefore, the girl squad will get you out.

However, it will all most likely be documented in the form of photos and Snapchats.

7. Thou shall forgive.

Your gal group is the family you got to choose, and like all, sometimes families fight. Whether they accidentally let a secret slip, got a tad annoying or took a roasting a bit too far, your bestie's good will always outweigh the bad.

When it comes down to it, you're always going to forgive a fellow squad sister. However, sometimes, they aren't all keepers. If they go ahead and spill every secret, bitch about the whole troop or sleep with someone's ex, don't be afraid to put them on the first train to "Cya later, bitch."

8. Thou shall always be back up.

"Squad" is short for "squadron." That's right; they are your boss-ass military group that you'd go to war with if you had to. A good girl unit has your back in every situation, no matter the enemy (ex-boyfriends, watch out).

No matter the situation, a girl group is your safety net for nearly every situation. Need someone to fake tan your back? Done. Need a lift somewhere? Done. Need help burying a body? Done.

9. Thou shall always listen (without complaint) to boy drama.

Boys: They are another species entirely, capable of sending us females into insanity, and some "girl time" is the best cure. Even if your bestie is dating a complete tool and she just can't quite see it yet, the squad will support and listen to every breakup, fight or vent with some real good advice too.

Plus, if he ever treats you badly, you know it ain't your Daddy he'll need protection from, but the ferocious pit bulls also known as your besties.

10. Thou shall love unconditionally.

When you find a good girl gang who are loyal to the end, just know you've struck gold. No boy, job or fight can ever come between that, and showing your comrades some love is and should always be the top priority on your to-do list.